Passive Income For Everyone...

Passive income is a mystery to many.  Our society has been built upon the fact that you must trade your time today for income today.  The advent of the internet has allowed for a fundamental shift in this theory.  With the right skills and a bit of research, you too can join the ranks of people who earn money 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  It isn’t that hard, but be warned, it still takes hard work and will not happen overnight.  Today we will focus on how to earn money with a Niche website. Cash!


I’m sure you’re wondering now, “wait, I need to make a website?!?”  No need to fret, we’ll take you through it step by step, with no coding or prior experience necessary.  Before I built my first site, I had no experience at all in building a website.  Luckily, the folks over at GoDaddy and Wordpress make it incredibly easy to start a website from scratch in no time. The art of how to generate passive income has more to do with your work ethic than your knowledge of web development.


However, before you get to that step, you need to find a niche!  What makes a good niche you ask?  Well, a good niche exists when a relatively large number of people are searching for a particular product, with a relatively low amount of competition from other websites.  You can find this information by doing a keyword search in Google’s keyword tool.  Simply type in a term, choose [Exact] from the Match Types selector and hit search.  Then sort by the “Competition” column.  Look for the lowest competition keyword with the highest monthly searches. 


Next you will want to go to Google and type in that keyword.  Take a look at the first and second page results.  Get a feel for how strong they are by simply looking through their content.  There is software called Market Samurai that does a great job of this for you, but you can do it on your own.  The goal here in how to generate passive income is to get onto the first or second page of Google for your specific keyword.  The easiest way to do that is to start with what is called an “Exact Match Domain.”  This is exactly what it sounds like, a web domain that matches your niche search term exactly.  The next paragraph will tell you how to find out if that domain is available, and if not, what to do about it.


How To Generate Passive Income – Website Creation

Step 1:  Go to and open an account.  It’s free to sign up.

Step 2:  Search for your Exact Match Domain name.

Step 3: If it’s available, grab it, if not look for a .net or .org version

Step 4: If .net and .org are taken, look to add a modified such as an “e” in front

Step 5: Purchase the website

Step 6: Use GoDaddy’s Wordpress set-up to do the rest.


Wordpress is the most user-friendly web tool out there, and requires no knowledge of HTML code whatsoever to get started.


So now you have your site set up.  It’s time to add content.  You want to write a steady stream of articles targeted towards your niche keyword.  Don’t overload the article with keywords, 4 or 5 will do in each article.  The articles should range from 400 – 600 words and have solid content.  You’ll want to do this for a few months.  A few articles per week will do.  This will help your Google ranking as you go.  There are more sophisticated back linking strategies that we won’t go into here.


Once you have a stream of content, you’ll want to apply for a Google Adsense account.  This will allow you to start monetizing your website.  If you were wondering how to generate passive income from this blog structure, well here it is.  Once approved, you’ll want to enter Google advertisements into your site in a strategic fashion.  The more natural they look the better.  Every time somebody clicks, you earn money.  Easy as that!