Kim Kardashian's Body Overview

If you want to know how to get a body like Kim Kardashian, you need to be prepared to do some work. It takes motivation, determination, and hard work to keep a body like Miss Kim Kardashian. It doesn't matter whether she's stirring up trouble for her sisters or posing for Playboy teasing men all over the world, you have to admit that Kim Kardashian has an amazing body that every man wants and every woman wants to achieve.

Kim makes it no secret that she isn't big on dieting and sticking to one certain fitness plan. She has commented in several interviews that she loves to snack and loves sugary sweet foods. She has also commented saying that her dieting lifestyle is all about portion control while eating. Since Kim does love her sweets, she has also commented saying that she does more cardio to burn calories and also does many lower body exercises to keep that sugar from going to her thighs, in the wrong way. Kim's body is all about curves in all the right places, so with that being said, she doesn't make a note to herself to stick to a very strict diet, she mainly only watches what she eats in portions while still maintaining a more strict workout code to her lifestyle.

Get a Body Like Kim Kardashian

Eat healthy and be aware of how much. Now, let's get serious about getting a body like Kim Kardashian. Although she doesn't have a very strict diet, she does watch exactly what she eats and makes sure to not eat too much. She has also commented saying that she prefers protien shakes in the morning, followed by healthier foods during the day, and she might snack out on Yogurt at night. She says eating 4 small meals a day helps her curb cravings of sweet foods, but she does endulge sometimes.

Kim Kardashian is all about cardio. Since Kim does allow herself to eat some junk food, she swears by doing cardio to burn off those calories. Typically, Kim tries to crunch in 3 to 4 days a week, of extensive cardio on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a time. She enjoys walking, jogging, and running on the treadmill more than other aerobic exercises.

Squats and lunges, lots of them. Miss Kardashian keeps her amazing lower body by incorporating squats and lunges into every workout routine that she practices. She has made several workout videos focusing on her beloved lower half. Kim has commented in many interviews saying that even after she leaves the gym, she will go home to do even more squats and lunges using a chair at home.

Kim loves core exercises. If you want to attain Kim Kardashian's body, you need to focus on core exercises.Core exercises work the entire body, using the core strength of your abdominal muscles. She has commented in several interviews that she likes using medicine balls for crunches as well as doing military push ups and planks, which use the entire body, usually the core. Military push ups and planks use the abdominal muscles to keep you steady while working the legs, thighs, abs, chest, and arms to push you up. She has also stated that she loves to do pilates exercises for the abs to keep them looking amazing.

The great thing about Kim Kardashian is that she is so average, like the rest of us, she doesn't really have some expensive personal trainer and diet plan. She just watches what she eats and works out. That's all that we can ask for, especially since she has curves, looks like a real woman, and still keeps up with her fitness. She's a role model for young women and older women alike. It's insipritational to see a woman out there that doesn't make being fit all about being stick thin. Kudos, Kim Kardashian!