When you need some cash until your next payday, the best choice is probably the payday loan. The design of these loans is very simple, you're employed and need some cash, the lender loans you money until your next paycheck arrives. The qualifications of payday loans is that you have a job that you've been at for a while, bring in over $800 in net income, and have a valid checking account. The amount that you earn at your job is what determines how much money you can borrow, but the first loan is generally around $400-$500.

The price is pretty high with these loans, but that's something that you're going to have to accept to get money this quickly without a credit check. On average, a cash till payday loan is going to cost you $25 for each $100 that is borrowed. When the math is done to calculate APR, it's in the triple digits, but that's the only way a lender can make enough to continue lending money, while hedging their risks.

For fast cash now loans you'll repay it by writing the lender a post dated check for the amount due. You may also have the option to have it automatically taken out of your checking account. If offered the choice between the two, go with the check. Should you run into problems getting your loan repaid, the last thing you need is a payday lender with access to your bank account! They'll just keep taking money until they're repaid.

The best way to save money on your loan is to shop around in an intelligent way. Pretend that you're buying a new microwave in this process. If you're spending your money on a microwave, you're going to work a little bit to make sure that you're going to get the best possible price, right? Do the same for your loan, and you're going to save!

Start your search online. Online loans are much easier to shop around with than driving from one payday loan office to another. Also, don't just check one or two lender, check 10 before you can start making decisions. Also, if you can't find their rates, move on, you can find lenders out there that will be more helpful.