Cheap apartments for rent

Moving is stressful as it is and when you are moving to an apartment you have the added stress of finding one that is not that expensive. In an economic climate as we have today a lot of people opt for living in an apartment as opposed to owning a house which would spare them when they do not want to get into long-term debt, but how do you find the cheaper property to rent? Here are some of the most effective tips to help you in your search.

Tell People

When you are trying to move the first thing that you should do is to tell people of your plans. Even if you feel that you want to stay a private person, you can get a lot of information from your circle of friends. People who you know who are now renting apartments are the best source of information. There is a chance that they know of an apartment in the same complex they live in that could be opening up. If they do not know of one at the place where they live, then they may have seen one when they were looking to rent one themselves.

Many of your friends will be able to point you in the right direction, especially if they know that you are on a budget. You do not have to tell everyone how much you are willing to spend, but if you know the amount they pay, then that can give you an idea of what to expect.

Know The Neighborhoods’ Average

The price that you will pay for an apartment is usually heavily influenced by the neighborhood it is in. Some neighborhoods are next to each other and yet the price difference is very big even if the buildings are just a couple of blocks from each other. Browse the different neighborhoods online and get an average of what the prices are. It is also a good idea to map the different apartment complexes that you find to see if paying less is actually worth it. If you have to drive 25 extra miles to work, then that is an important consideration because of all the gas money that you will spend.

Make sure that you visit different places to see if the price is lower because of the condition of the apartment. You could save 300 dollars a month on paper, but if you have to share your living quarters with 300 cockroaches then that may not be such a great deal after all.

New Home


A cheaper price per month on the apartment does not mean that you have found a better bargain. Take a look at all the extras that you get with each property and compare them. In some properties they will include the gas, water, online access, washer and dryer and a parking spot. All of those things can quickly add up if you do not have them, but if you are not seeing them on the paper then you may not even notice. As mentioned earlier, the amount of gas or public transportation money that you spend each month could also offset the amount you would pay at a nicer place. Check how close you will be to grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment venues which you may visit often and take that into consideration.

Private Landlords

Though they are not the most common in big cities, you can still find private landlords renting apartments in their property. The good thing about having a private landlord as opposed to going through a management company is that you could negotiate for a better price. If the person you are renting from sees you as a good renter and you have a good payment history with a previous landlord they will be more likely to negotiate with you. When you rent to someone who you know will not destroy the place you as a landlord would be more likely to lower the price a bit.

Mention other low prices that you have seen in the area and if they want to match or go lower, then you may have already found your next home. If the person is firm on the price then you can always walk away and take a look at the next place.

Search Online

If you are old enough to have looked for apartments before the internet then you know that it took a lot of time and patience to find one. You would have to keep your eyes open when driving or walking so that if a place was for rent you could call and make your appointment. Today the internet has made the search for a home a lot easier. You can map the places that are available, look at pictures and set a price that you are willing to pay for your new place. There are different websites that you can look at including rent exclusive sites or internet classifieds.

Internet classifieds are more likely to give you access to privately owned properties, but you will also find management companies. Apartment search websites do give you more information on the property including what the extras are, measurements, pet policy, and price ranges for different size apartments. There is no right or wrong, because no matter which one you use, you will be able to set your price to match your personal budget.

Don’t Settle

It is very important that you do not settle for the first place that you see, because even if it is the most affordable option, you would not know it unless you looked around. Give yourself enough time (at least a month) to look for a new home. The worst thing that you can do is to look for a new place to rent when you have less than 3 days to find it. Keep track of everything that you see and the extras that you get. Think of why an apartment is cheaper than the other and write it on a notebook; before you sign a lease go back to your notes. If an apartment is a bit too expensive or bigger than you need then do not be afraid to ask if they have something smaller. You would be surprised at the great deals you can find out there. 

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