How To Get A Cheap Cell Phone Plan

With mobile devices becoming increasingly popular as society grows, it is important to get a cheap cell phone plan that will allow you to own a mobile device without breaking the bank! There are definitely many ways to get a cheap cell phone plan that will make all of your friends jealous; the only catch is that you must know the phone company's insider tricks in order to obtain one! The amazing thing about these ways of getting a cheap cell phone plan is that you will not be required to sacrifice the main features that you love such as text messaging, daytime minutes, or data; however, you will be required to think rationally, and only include in the cheap cell phone plan what you will need. Before you continue reading this article, it is important for you to understand that the profit margin on mobile phone plans is absolutely ridiculous; moreover, this is the reason that it is rather easy to get a cheap plan...because the phone companies have a lot of margin to work with, so they can give you a great deal. Getting a cheap cell phone plan can be accomplished by absolutely anybody that has a desire to do so; as long as they know how to do it, they will be more than able to do it. This article will exemplify the factors that come into effect when you get a cheap cell phone plan, and how you would go about achieving those factors.

Bundle As Much As You Can

Since the profit margin on cell phone plans is so large, the companies can afford to offer cheaper prices for bundled features; moreover, this is a great way for you to get a cheap cell phone plan. However, it is important to remember to find a bundle that only has the necessary features that you will need, or as close to it as possible. Many cell phone companies bundle packages with more expensive features to recuperate some of the profit that is lost in bundled packages. For instance 250 text messages, 300 daytime minutes, and 50 MB of data may cost $30 monthly when purchased individually; however, you may be able to get double of those amounts for a mere $10 extra per month. What is important to note in this example is that the second option still requires you to pay more per month; although it may be a better bargain, you are still paying more for your mobile phone bill! Bundling many features can allow you get a cheap cell phone plan; however, be sure that you would have gotten those features individually had that bundle not been available. This will ensure that you are not paying for something unnecessary that you wouldn't use.

Compare To Other Cell Phone Companies

Since there are a large amount of cell phone companies offering roughly the same things, you can easily use this to you advantage; comparing to other companies will do you well when you are trying to get a cheap cell phone plan. Working for a cell phone company for 2 years, I can tell you that customer retention is what they strive for; after all, a good customer will bring them consistent profit on a monthly basis. By comparing your cell phone company to the others, you can easily raise a case that you are planning on leaving them to begin with a competing cell phone company. Through the comparison of the prices to other competing cell phone companies, you can easily get a cheap cell phone bill!

Use Your Customer Loyalty

As stated in the last paragraph, customer retention is a mobile phone company's main concern; moreover, you can use your customer loyalty to get a cheap cell phone plan. Because of this concern, cell phone companies tend to reward their loyal customers with better monthly plans, and discounted products. You obviously cannot use this to your advantage if you have only been with the cell phone company for a few months, but you will surely be of value once you have been with the same company consistently for 2 years. At this point, you would be able to use your customer loyalty to bargain your current plan and get a cheap cell phone plan.

Offer To Buy One Of Their Products

Most mobile phone companies will offer you a discounted rate if you offer to purchase one of their products; moreover, this could be used to get a cheap cell phone plan. For instance, it is not uncommon for a cell phone company to offer you a free unlimited text message upgrade if you purchase one of their newest models of cell phones. Granted that this may not be useful if you do not already have plans to purchase a cell phone; however, if you need a new cell phone anyways, the cheaper cell phone plan is simply an added bonus to a product that you would have purchased regardless.

Sign Up For A Contract

Many companies offer discounted prices of their products if you simply agree to stay with them for 1, 2, or 3 years; moreover, some companies even offer a discounted monthly plan if you agree to the same contract. This can be a rather easy way to get a cheap cell phone plan, as most people stay with the same company for a few years regardless. This would only be a good idea with a reputable cell phone company; you will have no worries about their reliability, customer service, or consistency. However, if used for a new and un-reviewed cell phone company, this may keep you locked into a horrible company for a few years. Contracts can be an easy way to get a cheap cell phone plan, as long as they are with a reputable company!

Bundle Your Other Products

Mobile phone companies often offer discounts when you bundle with other monthly services from the same company; this can be an excellent way to get a cheap cell phone plan. For instance, you may have your cell phone service with company A, internet service with company B, and home phone service with company C; if you were to combine them all into a bundle from one company, you would definitely receive some sort of a discount. Moreover, this would be an excellent way to get a cheap cell phone plan.

Mobile phones are becoming more popular each day that the technology in society progresses; for this reason getting a cheap cell phone plan is nearly crucial. Cell phones can be a great commodity in our current society, but the real question is at what cost? Follow these simple tips and you will have no problem getting a relatively cheap cell phone plan!