Getting a Christian girl to like you

When you spot her

Every young Christian man sets out to find a Christian girl, but once that girl is spotted there are a host of questions and fears that set forth almost immediately that we must cope and deal with. What will she think of me? What if it gets awkward? What should I ask her? Does she even notice me? The questions seem relentless and endless; so relax and slow down! Here are some tips and advice for getting that Christian girl to like you

Be prepared ahead of time

If you are first looking to find a Christian girl my article here will give you tips to finding her. Don't go into overanalysis mode here and try to figure out every single outcome to each question, you will be quickly overwhelmed and stress out to the point that you convince yourself you'll never find a Christian girl. Having some preparations made ahead of time will give you confidence and ways out if something doesn't go exactly to plan. Have some basic questions you want to ask her about her life, faith, activities, and future plans. Figure out what you would say if asked these questions yourself, for this way the conversation will come more naturally and not feel awkward or scripted. It's important to be relaxed (which will be hard to do) and just be yourself. After all she's just a human like you, she has flaws and goofy personality traits too. Don't be intimidated, but come prepared.

Ask questions

The key idea here is to get her talking! Don't initiate each conversation talking about yourself, it makes you look prideful and full of yourself. Get her talking and find out about her life, her dreams, and her goals. If she talks about herself a lot it means she's getting comfortable and opening up to you, which is a great first step. Act interested and acknowledge what she is saying, instead of staring at her and figuring out what you'll say next. Take an active interest in her interests and her walk with the Lord and that will steer the converstation in many different ways. When she asks you questions just be natural and don't say things that aren't true. You don't want to start things off on the wrong foot by lying that you love doing something when in reality you never do it or hate it. Just talk to her like you are talking to a friend and after you are done fire back another question. She'll start to like you if you approach things this way and if she likes what she hears.

Body language and good hygiene

Getting the conversation going is the main thing to get a girl to like you, but there are other subtle things that begin before the conversation that will greatly affect your Getting her to like youCredit: both positively and negatively. The idea here is to have good posture, body language, and good hygiene so you express yourself as someone who cares about their appearance and looks clean. Unless you find that rare girl that likes a man who looks dirty, 99% of the girls you meet will have an opinion about you before you finish your introduction or hello to them. Don't let your appearance ruin your chances of getting a great Christian girl to like you. Shower at least once a day, shave and clean up your appearance, and have good posture. Don't approach a girl and be slouched over with your hands in your pockets and looking around. Stand straight and towards her as this gives off a sign of interest and confidence. Use hand gestures and facial expressions when talking, and never do things like turn to the side or away because as a general rule where we face is where our interest is. Show some boldness and look proper and your chances of getting a Christian girl to like you will increase all the greater.


Here's something that can't be easily changed, which is why I'm a big proponent of finding a girl that shares similar interests and goals as you. Don't conform to something totally not you because of a cute Christian girl you found that you like; be yourself! However there are some tips and advice I would like to give that wouldn't necessarily change who you are, but still give you a better chance of making a good impression. For one, most girls find guys who are humorous and fun attractive because they aren't serious and stiff all the time. They want to have fun just like you should want too, so have some jokes and lighten up your mood when talking to them. Making a girl laugh and smile is a huge plus that greatly increases your chances of having her like you. Similarly, laughing yourself also is attractive because it shows you are light at heart and have a great sense of humor. She'll feel comfortable knowing that she can be herself and joke with you without wondering if everything she says will be taken the wrong way. Another great trait is to have drive and passion, especially for God. A Christian girl who sees a guy that loves God with all of his heart and is also fun and passionate about his goals is very desirable and something they seek out. The point is you don't have to change who you are, but these traits will increase your chances of getting that special Christian girl to like you.

Trust in God

At the end of the day a lot of this advice can be transferred over to the regular world and not just the Christian world, but the most important thing is trusting in God and letting Him move you according to His will for your life. There is someone special out there for all who desire to get married, and God will guide us when we seek His wisdom with all of our heart. Our personalities, posture, and ways we carry ourselves are very important for getting a Christian girl to like us, but ultimately the true way to make things work out is to give ourselves to Christ and trust in His Word above all else and the rest will follow.