Sound advice

I had recently written an article pertaining to how to get a Christian girl to like you, but I felt led to make an article for the girls out there that have this same question about guys. Being a Christian guy myself and having lots of friends that I talk to, I can safely say that this advice is solid and if you are looking for ways to finding that special someone look no further. These tips and advice are from multiple people across many backgrounds and seasons of their lives, as well as my own.

Be approachable

The first key for finding yourself a good Christian guy is making yourself approachable. This is the number one reason why guys are afraid to pursue or ask a girl out is because they feel like they can't approach her and talk to her. The biggest offender in this category is being surrounded by your girlfrChristian Maniends. A guy wants to single you out and talk to you and if you are always surrounded by your friends there is a 0% chance of any guy coming to talk to you because they will be intimidated. Make yourself available to talk by going around and talking to other people and being generally approachable in your attitude. Guys will notice you but if they can't get a chance to talk to you then they will never come. Another key problem in guys never talking to girls is because of their general attitude. If you are the kind of girl that looks busy or in a bad mood that gives us guys the impression that you aren't interested in conversation. Sit around and make eye contact and give yourself opportunities to be approached.

Take care of yourself

This idea is a twofold approach. The first way is in your appearance which is obvious, and the second way is how you carry yourself. It's pretty obvious that you should be striving for a clean look, but not over the top so you seem fake. Christian guys like original, authentic girls and not the kind we see on TV that are unrealistic and totally fake. Christian guys also like girls that dress classy but not inappropriate, so those super short shorts and those ripped jeans are not going to cut it. Dress nice and a guy will notice this, trust me. The other approach to this idea is how you carry yourself both in posture and attitude. If you are slouching around and laying around it gives off a signal to us guys that you aren't interested in talking, but instead you want to be left alone. If you stand and sit up straight and look attentive then it signals to us that you are open to conversation and interested in talking. Always face a guy when they approach you and smile and be interesting. Smiling is a huge plus and a real attractive attribute guys look for because we don't want to find girls that are miserable and "too cool" for us. We want someone that's energetic and fun to be around.


Since guys are the ones that are built to pursue and you aren't, this means that he will be approaching you and start asking you questions. The key here is while he is interested in getting to know you he isn't asking you all of these questions becauChristian GuyCredit: Flickrse he has to know every detail of your life, but instead he's just trying to strike up conversations to see if you both click. Don't make him ask all the questions! Show him you are interested by having a list of questions already in your head to ask him before that moment ever happens. Show interest in the things he is passionate about and that will be a huge stepping stone for you to getting a relationship started. When you talk, don't look around or down but instead look directly at him because this shows intentionality and interest. Don't mess around with your nails or your cell phone because this immediately gives off the signal of "I'm not interested, leave me alone" and most guys will get that hint. Show attention and interest and you will be much more successful.

Trust in God

As I pointed out in my article for guys about Finding a Christian girlfriend, this holds true for the ladies just as much if not more so. The reason why is because again guys are the ones wired to pursue and go after the girl, you aren't so trusting in God is even more important for you girls. Trust that God will bring along the man of your dreams if you keep Him first place in your life. Many Christian girls I pray with on the phones talk about how much they desire a relationship and it's clear that they exalt that over even their personal relationship with God. My advice to them is the same to you, put God first and trust in Him and you will never be put to shame (Romans 10:11). God is a good God and he never withholds any good thing from His children, so trust in God today that He has a plan and a man set out for you. While you are patiently waiting for this moment to arrive, strive for building your relationship with God and ground yourself in the word. Christian guys like myself find girls who are rooted in the word and have a strong relationship with God super attractive, and it will benefit you and God when you keep Him first place in your life.

When you pray always bring your petitions before God with thanksgiving and praise because God loves to give to His children but he delights in the praise of his people. Thank Him every single day that He has brought that man into your life, because faith is the substance of things hoped for. We don't thank Him when we see our answer manifest, but instead when we pray because the Word says "Believe when you pray, you receive" (Mark 11:24). Thank Him today and it will cause your prayer to manifest and your desired relationship with a Christian man fulfilled.