Camping is awesome except the ground can get really hard. Here are some ways to cushion your night's sleep and allow you to snooze away all night long when you are out camping.

Air Mattress

An air mattress can easily be blown up using an electric air pump at the camp site. Place you air mattress in the tent and then air it up. One of the downsides of using a large air mattress is you has a chance of it leaking and going flat. The weight of an air mattress may also be prohibitive if you are hiking or biking your way into camp as opposed to simply car camping.

Camp Mat

You can buy either a closed cell or an open cell foam mattress. These foam camp mats are generally easy to roll up and can be extremely lightweight when compared to an air mattress. A foam camp mat for sleeping on will usually be very durable and last much longer than an air mattress.


Hammocks are a great way to get off of the hard ground. In order to use a hammock you will probably not be able to set it up inside of your tent so you will be exposed to the elements. You can purchase no-see-um mesh to set up a barrier around your hammock to keep the gnats, flies, and mosquitoes away.

Hammocks, even the extremely large ones, have a weight limit. If you are a big man like I am then you can pretty much rule out most hammocks unless you custom order one and a custom ordered hammock can become very expensive if you ever decide to purchase one.

Soft Mud

If you place your tent onto some damp or wet mud the mud will cushion you extremely well. Unfortunately it can also wear your tent and tarp out faster. If it freezes then the soft mud you went to sleep on can become a bone jarring experience and it may keep you from getting any sleep at all.


Soft, thick, and cushiony bed spreads work great for some people. They take up a lot of room and may not provide enough cushioning for everyone but it is a cheap option as many people already have some extra bed spreads lying around they can take camping and place in their tent for some extra cushioning form the hard ground.

Gel Mattress

A gel mattress is similar to a foam cushion except it is filled with a thick layer of gel that provides an extremely soft and comfortable sleep. Gel mattresses have a chance of leaking if punctured by a hard protruding rock. If you camp in the winter time in freezing temperatures then the gel may harden and provide a stiff sleep instead of a cushioned night's sleep.

Sleeping Bag Padding

Anytime you go camping you may want to carry some padding to help cushion you from the ground. Hard rocks protruding into the tent into your ribs will make it almost impossible to sleep. Even a cheap foam mattress can work wonders and can last for many years of hard use.