Here on Info barrel, all authors have a feed for their articles.The feed is fairly basic and although it's great for keeping other authors within Info Barrel connected and updated there is not a lot you can do to optimize it.However Feedburner the most popular Rss Feed service, provide an unrivaled list of services, and you can easily burn a feed on Feedburner for your Infobarrel articles.

Feedburner is owned by Google so if you already have a Google account for Your Gmail, Blogger, Picasa, YouTube etc.. you get right in without the need to sign up.

What can feedburner offer

Connect Feedburner And Info Barrel For example you can get feedburner to automatically Tweet your latest articles, You can use the feedburner ping service to notify all the top social bookmark websites when you publish a new article, you can use your feedburner feed to display a 'Latest Posts' type list of you Info Barrel articles on your website or blog and much more...Oh and you can also put AdSense ads on your Feedburner Rss Feed...

In a future article i will show you how to take advantage of all these extras, first lets create your feedburner feed.

I have already burned a feed for my Infobarrel you can see it below and yours will be similar to this :

Here are the 5 steps to set up your Infobarrel Rss feed

Step 1. Log into your Infobarrel account and click 'My Infobarrel' in the top menu.

Step 2. Scroll to the foot of the page and click 'My Content' then 'My article Feed' as shown below :

info barrel - feedburner

Step 3. You are now on your default Infobarrel feed page, copy the URL in the address bar at the top of the page.

It should look something like this :

(The number in red is your infobarrel I.D., if you know your I.D. you can just replace the one above for yours)

Step 4. Go to Feedburner and log in or open an account and put your default infobarrel feed in the 'Burn a feed' box as shown below then click next :

Burn Feedburner Feed

Step 5.

Choose your Feed title - I choose 'Paul Crowes Infobarrel Feed' this can be changed in the future

Choose a feed address - This is the text at the end of your feedburner URL, I choose 'info-barrel'

If you choose 'johns-infobarrel' your Feedburner URL will be :

Choose this wisely as although it can be changed you wont want to as it could cost you followers and subscribers.

    Your feed has now been created and you will be shown some of the extra services, for now just click through to the manage account page.

    Notes :

    In the manage account area you can use the options in the top and side menus and you should browse through the features available.

    But if you keep posted i will show you the best options for your Infor Barrel - Feedburner feed in upcoming articles.

    You can see i added my Feedburner Feed to my signature in the sidebar why not subscribe so you dont miss them - ( More Blatent Self Promotion :D )

    If you need more help starting up let me know, Go Burn Your Feed !

    Paul Crowe.