How to get a flat belly can be a difficult question and at the same time an easy one. For some, losing belly fat is a past time activity that they love doing from time to time, and to others, it’s another new year’s resolution goal which will never be achieved. To a select group of people however, getting a flat belly with the perfect abs is a passion in which they stick to, not as a short-term goal, but rather a long-term goal in which they dedicate time, effort and at times money to achieve this "dream" if I may use that word.

There is also that special group of people who have been struggling to lose their belly fat for quite a while now and have no idea as to how they could come close to achieving their goal of getting a flat belly. This is the "special" group that we are going to concentrate on today in this article and after reading it, I am sure you are going to be one step closer to getting rid of that stubborn mass of fat around your stomach.

Here is how you are going to do it.

Flat belly exercises
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How To Prepare Your Body For Flat Belly Exercises

Everyone knows that exercises are the only way to getting a flat belly, but before you even start to exercise, you need to prepare your body both physically and psychologically to the flat belly losing exercises.

Swinging into fully blown exercises is bound to do your body more harm than good and it is recommended that before you start to get into serious exercise regimen, you should try and exercise for at least three to five times in any given week in order to get your body to its normal fitness level. It’s important to always remember not to push your body too hard as your body needs time to rest and “regroup” if I may use that word.

how to get a flat belly
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How Should You Start Exercising Then?

How would you start exercising then? Well, you can start by taking twenty to thirty minutes walking sessions of which your will slowly increase your pace from a gentle stroll to brisk walking.

Please do not start jogging straight away, as you are most likely going to suffer from shin splints, but rather after a week or two of brisk walking, you can start by jogging lightly as your body and legs slowly adapt to the new physical activities.

You should also be prepared both physically and psychologically as your body is going to feel sore at first but after a few days, you will start to see that your body has adapted and you can now slowly increase both the distance and speed that you jog.

Jogging is good for achieving a flat belly
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Flat Belly Exercises

Now that you are psychologically and physically prepared to lose belly fat, there are a number of flat belly exercises that you can perform in order to achieve your goals. For that reason therefore, I have prepared a list of special exercises know as Pilates exercises. What are Pilate exercises? Well, here they are:

1. Pilates Push Up

A Pilates push up is one of the fundamental exercises that is very useful in achieving a flat belly and toning up of your abdominal muscles. A Pilate push up will not only tone up your legs and arms but also strengthen you core and at the same time develop your shoulder and back muscles.

Important point to remember during this exercise is to always draw your navel towards your spine so as to stabilize your body and especially the core muscles.

When you are ready to do a Pilate Push up, you will begin by standing up straight on a flat surface. While you have assumed the standing position, your heels should be placed together while your toes should be approximately four inches apart.

Still in the standing position, you are going to lift your abs in and upwards towards your diaphragm while at the same time bending your body downwards towards the floor from your hips.

Next, you are going to bend until your hands touch the floor. After this, you should begin to slowly “walk” away from your feet using your hands taking one step at a time with your hands until you assume a horizontal position with the floor.

After that, you will then “walk” with your hands towards your feet and then slowly raise your body back up to your original standing position. Go ahead and repeat this several times.

Though this sounds like a simple procedure to most of us, I also understand that this exercise can be particularly difficult to some folks especially if they are just beginning. So if you find the above steps to be a bit hard for you, you can modify them and perform the exact same steps but this time you will start from your knees instead.

Also, if your hamstrings are not that flexible, and I am sure this applies to most of us, you can perform the step where you stretch down your hands towards the floor by bending your knees that is if you are not flexible or your hamstrings are particularly stiff.

2.  A Pilates Chest Lift

A Pilates chest lift is not like the usual sit ups that most of you might be used to and if used correctly, Pilates chest lifts are going help you lose that belly fat fast.

In order to perform a Pilate chest lift, you are going to lie on the floor (make yourself comfortable by lying on a mat) with your knees bent at an angle and your feet flat on the ground. You are then going to place your hands behind your head while “opening up” your elbows. It is important that your fingers are not interlaced while they are behind your head.

While still lying on the floor, try and suck in your stomach by pulling in your navel towards the spine while slowly breathing out. Ensure that your back is lying flat on the mat.

Next, you are going to gently lift your upper back towards your shoulders that is lifting your chest of the mat/floor. While at the top most position, take a deep breath while sucking in your abs. Breath out and slowly lie back to the floor. Repeat this several times.

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3. The Pilates Plank

Almost similar to the Pilates push up, the Pilates plank is slightly different in that you begin the procedure with your hands and knees directly on the floor.

The next step in the Pilates plank is to slowly move your buttocks towards your ankles with your hands still placed flat on the floor. Stretch out one leg at a time straight away from your body that is in parallel with your spine. Repeat with the other leg and hold it up in that position for about 5 to 10 seconds.

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Pilates Push Up

In Conclusion

If you were stuck on how to get a flat belly, you can clearly see that it is not as hard as you had imagined, all you have to do is prepare yourself psychologically and physically by following these simple steps and voilà.

Not so Hard To Get a Flat Belly
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