During these times of recession, a lot of families have been feeling the burdens of the financial crisis. Most families nowadays are dependent on the help that the government can give them. With many businesses closing, people are in need of employment and other important things in life. But of course, the government can only give just the right projects for those who are in need. The government has been coming up with great projects that will make the people who are on welfare benefit the most.

These projects for those on welfare actually make their lives easier and more convenient. The assistance that these people get from the government deeply helps in their daily living. One of the newest projects from the government given to those who are on welfare is the free cell phone. The government has linked with different cell phone companies so that they can give out free cell phones to people who are on welfare. This is a very good idea as the government gives importance to giving people more access through the use of cell phone communication.

One good thing about this project is that it is not only cell phones that the government is giving out, with the cell phones is free services so that people who will receive it can readily use their mobile phones. The services are free only for a year. After the year, one can then buy minutes for their free cell phone. It is still a lot of savings on the phone bills for many people. This way, people who are on welfare can have access calling offices for employment, medical assistance and other important calls to make.


This program aims to help people who are on welfare by minimizing their bills. The free cell phone and services can take off the load of paying monthly telephone bills. It also aims to provide communication among people whether rich or poor. With this program, these people can call agencies that they need to deal with. Employment can also be easier since companies call out their applicants through phone. The government sees better opportunities for the people who are on welfare with this kind of project.


The government has obtained services from many different cell phone companies to assist them in this project. Some of the companies that help in giving out free cell phones are Lifeline, TracFone and Safelink. These companies are also giving out free minutes along with the cell phones. A monthly supply of free minutes shall be given to the recipients. Once these free minutes have run out, one can still buy for minutes until the monthly supply comes in again. It is very easy to apply for the free cell phone for the welfare project of the government. Here are the steps to follow to be able to apply for this government program.


Step 1:

In order to save time, one should check if he or she is eligible for the program. First of all, one should already be included in one or few of these government programs: Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and The National School Lunch Programs Free Lunch Program. If you are in one or more of these programs, then you are very much eligible for the program. It is also said that only one member of the family can avail of the program. One should also be included in below 135% of poverty level to become eligible for this government project. Those who are in displaced areas can also apply for the program. Elderly people who do not have employment can also apply for this program.

If one is not yet included in any of the programs listed, they can easily apply at the social welfare office in their place. They just need to be sure that they are in the below 135% of poverty level, has below minimum income, living in a displaced area or elderly with no fixed monthly income. They can be able to apply for the much needed programs like Medicaid and Food stamps. Health and food are the two major needs of people nowadays. And for the government to be able to provide these for free will be a big help to people who are really in need. Again, with these programs, only one member of the family can apply.

Step 2:

Once found eligible, one can either apply online or go to their location’s social welfare office to get an application form. One will be filling out an application form where they will include their total income for a year. This will be the basis of the government as to who will receive the free cell phones. The websites of Lifeline, Tracfone and Safelink provides online application forms for applicants to fill up. The government will also be announcing as to where people can get application forms for this program.

Step 3:

Those who will get free cell phones will be notified via mail, phone call or email. The directions on how to get their free cell phones are all included in the mail that they will receive. Once the phone is received, one should keep in mind that this free phone service is free only for a year. Also, not all who have submitted their application forms are assured to get free cell phones and services. These application forms will still be undergoing verification. This way, those who are really in need will receive assistance from the government. This is the government’s way to help those who are on welfare with payment of phone bills. Having communication can definitely open up doors for many people. They might be able to receive a phone call from the company that they have applied work for. This project gives access to many chances in life. But of course, people should also work for themselves and not depend too much on government projects like this.