The question I hear far too often, "How do I get A girl to fall in love with me?". In this article I will teach you the tricks to getting any girl. These are tricks that every guy would like to know. After reading these steps and applying them to your life, I am certain you will soon get the girl of your dreams!

Things You Will Need

If you are serious about getting a girl to fall in love with you, than follow these steps and my secrets will be your guide to getting that girl.

Step 1

Step 1, be confident. Even if you have to fake confidence at the beginning, eventually you will feel confident. Hold your head up, make eye contact and don't slouch for starters. A little bit of confidence can be a complete turn-on. Girls like a guy who believes in himself. However, don't mistake confidence for cockiness which is a complete turn-off.

Step 2

Step 2, be your true self. I know this sounds simple, but being yourself is often overlooked. Many people are too busy trying to be the person they think someone else will like, instead of being who they really are. Eventually, everyone will find out who you really are and than you might get rejected, which could be even worse. So, be yourself from the beginning. Remember, you have confidence and you believe in yourself. It is good to be you!

Step 3

Step 3, have a sense of humor! Girls digg guys with a sense of humor. Looking at the funny side of embarrasing moments and looking at the glass as half full, will lighten the conversation and make every moment with you enjoyable.

Step 4

Step 4, show genuine interest. Find out what the girl you like, likes to do and find out what is important to her. If you can honestly show interest in the things that are important in her life, she will be more receptive in getting to know you and what is important in your life.

Step 5

Step 5, have good hygiene. What exactly does hygiene consist of? Well, if I were to kiss someone and their teeth appeared as if they had not brushed them in days, I would assume the rest of them was also dirty. Hygiene not only consists of brushing your teeth, but also simple things like taking showers, wearing deodorant, trimming your nails, wearing clean clothes. These are just simple hygiene factors that are important to the majority of people.

Step 6

Step 6, be a gentlemen. When I think of a gentlemen I think of first dates. First dates guys are always extra sweet, trying to reel the girl in. By being a gentleman, guys often pull out chairs at dinner, let the lady order first, open doors for her including the car door, laughing when girls aren't funny, insisting on paying the bill . Being a gentlemen doesn't have to end on your first couple dates, or once you know you have reeled the girl in. By remaining a gentlemen you will keep the girl falling in love with you.

Step 7

Step 7, give 100% in all you do. Guys who work hard are more attractive than guys who do not. If you want to get this girl to fall in love with you, make certain that you stand out amongst all other guys. Also, financial stability is not a must, but definitely a bonus!

Step 8

Step 8, take care of yourself. If the girl "You want to fall in love with you", is physically fit, and you are walking around beer belly up, what makes you think she is going to be attracted to you? Helloo? She is not going to be attracted to you, unless you also, take care of yourself. If the girl "You would like to fall in love with you", appears like she takes good care of herself, than she probably is attracted to someone who also takes good care of themselves. This is common sense that is often flying over guys heads. It's a good thing you are ahead of the game. Only one more step to go and that girl is yours.

Step 9

Step 9, most of all, be Someone, that Someone would like to love. Think about this very deeply. You may even want to say this out loud "I need to be lovable, likeable and that someone that someone else would like to love" .This step is one of the most important steps, without it, all other steps will fail. If you are lovable, if you are someone you can honestly say "I would love me, if I were her, I would definitely love me", than you will get any girl to fall in love with you.

Tips & Warnings

I wish you best of luck in getting the girl of your dreams. These steps are of my own observation of life and experience through my own eyes. I hope this article has helped you in your journey "To get A girl to fall in love with you". Thank you for reading my article and I wish you the best of luck!