It is widely considered true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. If you want to make a girl like you by talking over text, and you also want her to reply back in the same tune, get ready for a war-like campaign.

It is not so easy! Though, we all know most of the girls love texting, tease with twisting, double-meaning messages, but when men want to do so, they turn very diplomatic.

Tip #1. Gear up first-

Gear up first for the long conversation you are heading to het a girl to text you back. Recharge your SMS pack, or login to the Website you prefer for messaging free.

If you are going to text to a girl you like, you will never want to face a crisis of balance or interruption in your talk due to any reason. So, now, get ready with all your weapons of love and your lovely phone to text and talk till the time your girl becomes yours!

Tip #2. Initiate-

Say hi, hello or just what’s up baby to start conversation. If she knows you she will automatically reply out of curtsey. If she doesn’t, do not worry. Nobody will kill you for a casual hello. Just chill and wait for some time.

Tip #3. Other ways to initiate texting-

If she does not turn up even after days, try some other ways. Ask her friends or family members or anyone who is a common thread. If she has some restrictions at home, be patient. If she doesn’t like you or just trying to avoid you then also, it is not a gone case.

Tip #4. Carry on your efforts to woo her-

One polite good morning every day will definitely break the ice and she will feel compelled to reply. In case she replies, you have won half the battle. But remember, don’t be clingy.

If you feel she is not replying with much enthusiasm, please do not bombard her with your silly messages. Just say you were missing her or something sweet that can change her mood.

Tip #5. Go personal-

Remember to ask her about her well-being, her family members and her own life. Do ask her what she does on weekends, as this is a way to ask for her time.

If you ask short and concerned questions, she will definitely feel an urge to reply. Carry on with your inquiries but do not forget to add in between some short information about yourself too.

Tip #6. Never compel-

Do not peep too much. If you feel your questions are replied very briefly, please don’t bother your girl with too many inquiries. It is better, then, to change the subject. Talk about latest movie, or music album you like. Ask her opinion about it.

Tip #7. Admire her-

When you feel the girl is opening up in text, tell her how you like her or appreciate her attitude. You can also praise the dress she wore in a party, where you saw her or her performance in class, in case she is your classmate.

Everybody loves to be admired. Appreciate everything, but just do not sound false. If she knows you are fooling her, she will never like you. So, flirt over text but with a genuine heart.

Tip #8. Try to be naughty-

Try some messages that can make her feel romantic. You can ask her to imagine about a blind date or simply ask her if she would like to date somebody. In case, she does not have a date or boyfriend, your chances are stronger!

Ask her for a casual meeting over coffee or tea. Make sure your first meeting should be at a place of her choice so that she can like your concern for her choice and start feeling softer to you over text even.