Getting A Guest Post Published

Getting a guest post published on a high quality site is the goal of any website owner who is trying to rank for any competitive keyword phrase. 

Links from article writing sites like Ezine, Hub Pages, etc, are still valuable, but only if you put in the time to write a long article that has a lot of high quality content in it. 

Not all sites are worth publishing a guest post on, it has to be one that has a high page rank, a large amount of traffic, a good ranking on Google, and that is relevant to your niche. 

For example, if you had a site that was about internet marketing, you would want to look for sites to submit a guest post to that were at least somewhat related to that subject. 

This might include sites that were devoted to social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, or video marketing, as Google would recognize the relationship between those types of keywords with each other. 

Following Guest Post Submission Guidelines

It's important that you take a look at the guest post submission guidelines of a site, or if none are provided on the site, get in contact with the webmaster, and politely ask if they would accept a guest post from you, and ask them about their requirements. 

Usually site owners will be happy to publish something, so long as it's good, because they can use the extra content, to keep the site fresh, and to get extra Adsense revenue. 

What they would usually ask for is an article over 400 words, not published anywhere else online, and not to be republished anywhere else. 

They also usually ask that the article is not overly commercial, and is about a topic, not about the product. 

Nobody wants to place an ad on their site, or something that would turn off their readers, so instead of writing about your product directly, write about it in a way that answers a question people might have related to that subject. 

If you can develop a good relationship with the webmaster through emails, and if you can write well, and produce material that they would want to publish, then you should have no trouble in getting your guest post published. 

If it doesn't work on that site, you can always take the same post to the next best site and try again. 

To find sites that offer the opportunity to submit guest posts, try doing a Google search on your keyword, plus guest post, or guest post submission guidelines, or publish a guest post, and if that doesn't work, try using quotation marks, to get all the results that mention those exact keywords or phrases together. 

If your site was about social media marketing, you might type in a search like social media marketing guest posts, or social media marketing guest post submission guidelines, and you should come up with a huge list of sites that accept them. 

While it may seem like a huge task trying to get in touch with all the site owners individually, it's not really, you just write the post first, and send a couple of emails to each one, and the results will usually be well worth the effort, for your SERP results. 

Guest Post Submission Guidelines
Credit: Renae Smith