Newsweek Magazine receives approximately 800 personal essay submissions per week for their regular "My Turn" column, so if you submit an essay for consideration for publication in the print and/or online version of the magazine, be prepared to face some very stiff competition. You will really need to make your story stand out from the pack. Read on for specific directions and tips about how to submit your "My Turn" story to Newsweek.

If you want to submit a My Turn essay for consideration for publication on the Newsweek website, write a totally original piece about some interesting aspect of your life that is somewhere between 850 to 900 words long.

When submitting to either the website of the magazine, be sure to use a tone that is engaging, personal, congenial and conversational, but not excessively informal or slangy. You want the editors who are considering your work for possible publication to feel drawn in by your writing style, as well as by the actual content of your piece.

If your personal essay has been published elsewhere, it will not be considered. Include all of your contact information in your submission so that editors may contact you if they are interested in publishing your piece.

Authors are encouraged (though not obligated) to include a photograph with their "My Turn" submissions. (You have probably noticed that most of the published "My Turn" pieces include photographs of the writer, regardless of whether they are published in the print magazine or online.)

When submitting your My Turn essay for consideration for publication in the magazine version of Newseek, the same length restrictions apply as for the online submissions (850 - 900 words).

You are encouraged to submit via email:, though snail mail submissions are also accepted at the following mailing address: MyTurn Editor, Newsweek, 251 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019-1894.

Be aware that if you choose to send your submission via email, you are required to cut and paste it into your email and submit it within the body of your email, rather than as a separate attachment.

You are also strongly advised to listen to an automated message that provides additional information about submitting pieces for the "My Turn" column: 212-445-4547, as this message contains some additional tips regarding the submission process.