I got in!

I just got officially accepted into my first choice of colleges and programs. Previously, I was an independent student at my college and not in my first choice program yet. I'm going to tell you in this article how I did it and how you can do it too. It's not that hard when you put your mind to it really. It's all about setting a goal and working hard to reach that goal.

Choose your friends wisely

The first thing I did to get into the college and program of my choice was to stop hanging out with "friends" who were a bad influence on my life. This included anyone who did drugs or had other self-destructive habits. This also includes people who are always negative, people who always complain or nag, etc... This is very important for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that you become like the people you spend the most time with. In other words, if you spend most of your time with drop-outs and people who don't seem to be going anywhere in life(at least for now), then that will become your own reality. "You are the 5 people you spend the most time with" is a quote that pretty much sums up the point I'm trying to make. That quote is from The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

Become the best you can be

Also, I think it's crucial to work on developing yourself and becoming the best person that you can be if you want to get accepted into the college and program of your choice. There are many things you can do to improve yourself but the #1 thing I would recommend you start working on right now is to change your mindset. The best way to do this is to start reading books about success. The best book about success that I have found so far is The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. There's also a book called The Success Principles for Teens and it's perfect for you if you're under 18 years old. Reading these kinds of books are one of the main reasons I was successful in getting into the program and college I wanted to get into. At the end of the day, it all starts with your mindset.

Shift your priorities

The third thing I'll recommend you do to get into the college of your choice is to stop making your social life your #1 priority. I'm not saying a social life is not important. It is. I'm just suggesting that your education and your future should be more important to you than drinking with your buddies. What I did is that I changed my focus from partying all the time to focusing on my school work. You have to get serious about your education. 

Believe in yourself

Also, you have to realize that reaching your goals when it comes to your education is very possible for you. I had a great teacher once that taught me that people that become lawyers, or doctors, or billionaires are no smarter or better than you in any way. You and I are just as capable as the next guy to reach excellence. It's crucial for you to realize that you are capable of becoming much more than what you are right now. Once you realize this, you'll begin to believe in yourself more and then all things are possible.

Aim high!

Additionally, you have to shoot for the stars when it comes to college. Aim as high as you can because you'll be surprised at how much you can achieve when you set big goals for yourself. I read somewhere that if you decide to accept nothing but the best for yourself in life, the funny thing is you often end up getting only the best. Aim for a 4.0 GPA. Aim to get into Harvard. Aim high: that's one of the most important tips I can give you. 

"Psychological sunshine"

Another little trick I learned from a book called The Magic of Thinking Big is that you're going to need a little psychological sunshine every once in a while if you want to be successful at reaching your newly set goals. That basically means that you need to make some time for some fun too every week. If you strive to create a well-rounded life for yourself that includes the right amounts of psychological stimulation, you'll get better grades and you'll get into a better college.

Invest enough time in your education

The next thing I'll recommend is that you need to allot enough time to your studies every day. Don't expect to get into your first choice college if you are only studying 10 minutes a day. You need to put in some time, energy, and effort to get accepted into the college and program of your choice. That means several hours every single day.

Exercise and healthy eating

I also did some reading about how to do better in school and it's a proven fact that if you get some exercise in every day and eat healthy, you'll perform better academically than your under exercised, processed food eating counterparts. So eat the right foods and squeeze some exercise into your busy schedule every single day.

To cheat or not to cheat?

One other thing I'd like to discuss is cheating. I remember seeing an episode of South Park where Cartman is trying to reach out to innercity youth because he wants to teach them how to succeed academically. His philosophy is that all the best students reach their academic goals because they cheat. He proceeded to teach these innercity youth to cheat to reach the top. I thought it was pretty funny but it's important to remember that South Park is just a parody of real life. In real life, cheating is never a good idea. Here's the reason I think it's a bad idea. Although you might never get caught, every one of us has a conscience and I believe that when you cheat or do something bad like that, you tend to end up self-saboting yourself in the future. This is because we are programmed by our society to expect a punishment when we do something wrong. So, in essence, if we don't get caught for cheating, we end up punishing ourselves in some way and create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. These ideas are a combination of what I've learned from Randy Gage from his youtube videos (Prosperity TV) and the Dalai Lama's teachings. And it just makes good sense.

Thanks for reading!

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