Writing for Break Studios can open many doors in your freelance writing future.

How To Get Accepted To Break Studios

Break Studios is a great place to start writing online. Break Studios puts out content on sites such as Break.com, Mademan.com, Chickipedia.com, Screenjunkies.com, Holytaco.com, and a few other sites that can get you maximum exposure to bigger freelancing jobs. Break Studios is a very easy going and friendly community of freelance writers and editors that make writing online simple, easy and fun. Also, you get paid to do it! The target audience seems to be males of late teenage years into adulthood. Most of their content is humorous, man-ish, and some very controversial. This freelance writing site pays upfront, the starting pay is a straight $8.00 per article within 250-700 words. This site pays twice a month, on the 15th and 30th of each month. It's a great way to make a known name for yourself in the world of freelance writing and earn a little cash on the side.

How do you go about applying for Break Studios? Applying for Break Studios is pretty easy, if you have ever submitted an application to a freelance writing site before, it shouldn't be a problem. For those who have never dealt with applying for a professional accredited company dealing with freelance writing, you need to come up with a writing resume, this is first and foremost on the list.

  •     Writing resumes are generally easy to write, the process goes much like writing a regular work resume. You will need to list your name, e-mail and other general information. They will need this for tax purposes anyway. Start with any and all writing experience that you have. Generally, I always tell people to write their objective or purpose towards becoming more involved with freelance writing, especially if you don't have much experience.
  •     Give as much information as possible about related your writing experience. You really need to have at least one writing gig listed as an employer, but if you do not have any experience, it's okay.
  •     List any 'real' employers that you may have had. This means giving information about your 'day job' so-to-speak. If you work in retail, let them know. If you work in a customer service environment, let them know. Any work experience is considered a sign of responsibility.
  •     Give a writing sample. If you have writing samples that are accessible online, give the title as well as the URL in your writing resume. If you don't have online work already published, you need to write a writing sample at least 400 or more words, and try to make it in a third person view. Remember, you can use this writing resume for other freelance writing applications in the future.

And now, you need to actually APPLY to Break Studios!

Now that we've covered the basic need to knows of HOW to get accepted to Break Studios, you will actually need to apply for Break Studios. You can go to their website, and apply instantly. You will be taken to the online application for Break Studios. It only takes a few minutes to apply after you have written and/or doctored up your writing resume.

  •     Fill out the first step, which is who you are and general information. The information you give out isn't used in any way except for tax information.
  •     Secondly, give your area of expertise, or what you are most commonly comfortable with as subjects towards writing online. They have a multitude of different topics, so it's a very easy choice.
  •     Upload your writing resume. Make sure that your resume is in a format which is acceptable, .pdf, .doc, or .docx are the only formats that Break Studios will accept.
  •     Give your writing samples. You can list the same samples that may be on your writing resume or you can give different ones. Their online application has an option to list published writing samples or you can upload a sample, just make sure it's in an acceptable format.
  •     Tell a little bit about yourself. You do not need to write a bio on yourself, but just a short term explanation of something interesting about you, what makes you unique or why you want to write for them. Either way, make sure it's spell checked and read over it twice for errors.

After you have applied, it usually takes about a week for your application to be reviewed and accepted. If you follow the tips in this article, you are sure to get a spot writing for one of the best online freelance writing communities. Good luck and enjoy!