More Important Than Networking

network-get-along-with-peopleCredit: ironypoisoning on flickr

1.  Be friendly
It's important to be friendly to people, even when you don't want to.  Everyone has a bad day, stress they are dealing with and other daily challenges of life, but having a negative attitude will only worsen things.  A smiling and friendly "hello" or "hi" can go a long way, it could help make or break someone's day.  Be sure to be courteous to those around you and share the love.  Hold doors open for others, let someone switch lanes in front of you if they are trying to get over, don't participate in road rage, and be sure to thank those who serve you at different places be it a restaurant or the mail man.

2.  Be empathetic
Try to put yourselves in the shoes of others, and understand the things that they are going through.  Try to understand what makes them  "unique", and learn about their interests and the things that they like.  If you see someone with a problem, who is sad, or in need of help, offer your assistance and see if you can help.  A lot of times it may be something simple and will not even take away much of your time.  Sometime someone may need help completing a task, and other times they may just need an ear to hear.

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3.  Change your posture
Be careful of your body language and how you show yourself to others.  Much of our language and communication is done visually and not verbally.  A very high percentage of communication between people can be contributed to body language.  Be sure not to slouch when someone is speaking with and to you.  Also try not to turn your body away from them, be it your chest, or feet, while they are talking to you.  A lot of people tend to point their body and feet to where their attention is.  If someone is in deep conversation with you, and your body is turned away to the closest exit, indicates that you want to leave.
Try not to get distracted with other people and conversations while someone is speaking to you, this will indicate that you're more interested in listening to the conversations of others than the one who is talking to you.

people-tips-conversation-cut-offCredit: felipe.cabrera

4.  Don't cut someone off
It's very impolite to cut someone off in the middle of their speech or conversation.  Let the other person finish their topic/idea before you chime in and interrupt them while they are speaking.  Think about it if you were the one explaining a topic of interest to someone, and they rudely cut you off and began speaking about a totally different topic.

The main thing to keep in mind when interacting with others is to be respectful, kind, and  treat others how you would want to be treated.  You may think that these things are obvious, but as many say "Easier said than done".  I encourage you to begin to take these tips in action throughout your different interactions with people, and you will begin to slowly see the change in the people around you.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that your are able to implement some of them.  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on other tips and suggestions you could give to others on getting along with others and interacting with others.