Do you want to get an education?  Are you concerned that your job will keep you from getting an education?

Do you have limited time and limited resources? Do you think that all of these things are keeping you from getting an education? 


Did you know that there are people who go to college everyday despite being in the same situation? 

There are mothers that pursue college while working and taking care of children.  There are fathers that attend classes and work two jobs.  You can still get an education even if you have a job.  Here are some suggestions to that can help you get an education while working.


Use Your Benefits

If you are employed by a company that provides benefits to its’ employees, you need to take the time to understand those benefits.  Many companies will offer a benefit for those that are pursuing their education.  Of course the benefit varies based on the company, but popular benefits include paying for a percentage of the cost of the education, making accommodations for those in school, and allowing those receiving an education to participate in special programs. 

If your employer does not offer any benefits, you should consider working part time for a company that will provide benefits.  One of the best examples is FedEx.  Even if you are a part time worker, FedEx gives its employees a stipend (a set amount of money) to use for educational costs.

Get Your Boss Involved

If you are pursuing a degree in the same field that you currently work in, you should let your boss know that you are pursuing further education.  Your boss will be able to tell you the requirements for positions that are above your current position.  Please take some time to make sure that you are committed to getting your education before you talk to your boss.  Once you share this goal with your boss, he or she will probably want to stay updated.

Use Your Experience

As a worker, you have an advantage over other students that have not entered the workplace.  You understand how to answer interview questions.  You know how to complete tasks that are judged by others.  Make sure that you use these skills to your advantage.  Volunteer to work as the leader on a team. Volunteer to work on projects with your professors. 


People don’t like networking because of all of the unpleasant feelings that are often associated with it.  While you are pursuing your education, you have a built in network. Use it to your advantage.  Take the opportunity to talk to professors that have information about the job you want to do (even if you have not taken a class with them).  Visit career services and express your interest in a job.  If there is a company that employs people in your field, ask for an informational interview.  This will provide you with the opportunity to meet people in your field and give them the opportunity to associate themselves with you.

Be Persistent

The best way to get an education while working is by being persistent.  You want to make sure that you look for ways to show that you are growing in your career field.  You can do this by participating in organizations in your field, volunteering, and impressing your professor.  It may be difficult, but pursuing an education while working can be one of the most beneficial things that you do in your life.