Are you looking to write online for Examiner? Many online content writers recommend that you have more than one egg in your basket as a writer. Although I write here at InfoBarrel, I also write for many other places, including Examiner. Many people I have talked to want to write for Examiner because of the ability to specialize in topic, and the ability to write for a specific location. Some writers have even gotten other writing jobs or press access to events because of their articles on Examiner. Here are a few tips to help you get approved to write for Examiner.

Publish a few articles elsewhere on the topic first.

If you want to be the automotive writer for Examiner in your area, you should have some automotive articles already published. You may want to publish some articles here on InfoBarrel or at other content sites. Create three or four articles that are in the same topic as the position you are applying for. Take your time writing the articles, and make sure there are not any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Create a strong bio to use as part of your application.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that you lie about your writing experience. I am suggesting that you have a clear bio that shows Examiner that you have some experience in the topic, and that you are passionate about writing on that topic. For example, using the automotive topic again, you would want to note how you always work on your cars, and friends and family call you when they have automotive issues. You would love to be able to put your experience to use by helping others while writing for Examiner.

Realize the benefits are more than just the pay.

Examiner will most likely not make you rich. You may earn only pennies on your articles for a while. However there are other benefits of writing for Examiner. A few I already mentioned, such as building your portfolio, getting your name out there associated with a local topic, and the possibility of getting invited as press to local events. What I have not mentioned are the additional benefits. Examiner offers their writers some exciting discounts with partner companies. I won't name them to respect the deals Examiner writers can get, but let's just say I save about $9 every month just on my cell phone bill, and there are many other offers. I don't suggest writing for Examiner just to save a few bucks, but it is a nice additional bonus of writing for them that many people do not know about.

When you are ready, you can apply to write at Examiner.

In the event you are denied a writing position, don't take it personally. Try and figure out why you were not accepted, and work on getting better. You may need to publish more articles in the topic area at multiple websites. If you have a blog, create some related articles there as well. The more articles you have written related to your topic of choice, the more likely you are to be accepted in my opinion.

Remember, online writing is somewhat different than writing for a newspaper or magazine. People who search online are looking for information, but they expect it to be delivered in a more personal way than the newspaper or magazine can offer. Write your articles as if you were explaining someting to your neighbor or a friend. Don't write like the read is dumb, but write like the reader is interested in the topic, not how well the writer can use big words and try to sound smart.