Use these simple tips to get back in the swing of working out.

Starting the New Year off right is often coupled with changing habits or behaviors including getting back to the gym and start exercising once again.  Many times we allow things in our lives to take place of our physical health and this just should not be.  Below are a few ways help revive your exercise routine.  

Carve It Into Your Day!  

One way you can increase the likelihood of returning to the gym is to actually open up your planner or calendar and putting the time and place that you will go in.  Writing things down has been proven to increase the likelihood that you will follow through with them.  Along with that, if you write down what you plan to do such as, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes or high intensity cardio work out, you will mentally prepare yourself to accomplish it.  If you make exercising part of your day you will be less likely to skip out on your next session.  

Grab A Partner

Similar to scheduling a time for your workouts is to plan to go with a friend, family members or coworkers.  Having a workout buddy puts one more check in place that will keep you from bailing next time you are supposed to hit the gym.  Accountability leads to results because when your own will power starts to fade that other person is there to guide you back on track and remind you why you started in the first place.  

Measure Your Progress

Eventually, you will hit a wall and stop seeing immediate results.  By tracking your exercises and how much you do each bout will help you know when you need to kick things up a notch.  It will also show you how far you have come and possibly reignite your drive to push through the laziness or anything else standing in the way of pressing toward your goals.  

I hope this helped you stay on track to your fitness goals.  

What do you do to help keep your motivation to hit the gym at an all time high?