Backlinks can gain massive traffic to your website or blog or articles, very effectively

If you are looking to get backlinks to your site or your articles, you need to educate yourself on anything and everything having to do with backlinks and getting backlinks to your site. There is just too many sites offering advice, that may or may not be the best way to get backlinks to your site. Backlinking is a strategy that many webmasters and content writers use to create a steady flow of traffic to their site. It not only helps draw in the readers and viewers, but getting a great backlink to just one site may boost your search enegine ranking through the roof. This hub is devoted to the basics of backlinking, and how to get backlinks, and how to use them to your advantage.

The Basics Of Backlinks

Backlinks are essential in order to keep your site highly popular with readers, viewers, and web traffic alike. So, what is a backlink? Backlinks are incoming links from one site to refer back to your site. Okay so, now you are wondering, why do you need backlinks? Well, you need backlinks simply because anywhere that your site or article is linked, it leads back to your content, thus helping you get traffic. It's a pretty simple concept, except for the fact that backlinks also factor into how well you rank in major search enegines, such as Google and Yahoo.When I started learning about SEO and backlinking, I needed someone to break it down for me in a way that I could understand without saying "HUH?". So here are the basics of backlinking.

How do backlinks help your search enegine ranking? Well, this also sounds simple, but it can be tricky too. Ultimately, the saying goes that if you have many many backlinks to your site or article, the search enegine rankings will automatically become higher. This is true and not true at the same time. This really depends on two important factors.

  • If you have random backlinks from sites that are about dog training and pet training, and your site is about cooking -- this is bad. Google bots spot these links and read the information. Google can pick up on spam links like this, and consider that your site might be spam because the site isn't about cooking, it's about dog training. These types of backlinks can actually hurt your rankings.
  • An example of a GREAT backlink. This would be a site that is about recipes and cooking decides to link to your site that is also about cooking and recipes. Google sees this as revelant content. In this case, the Google bot discovered that your site that is about cooking is linked to another site about cooking, so therefore readers on that site will be interested in anything that is the same subject. With me so far? I hope so!

Backlinking from a site with higher page rank than yours can also boost your own pagerank, so long as the backlink is relevant to your own site and content. This is another important factor of backlinking. Okay so, say a site that is #1 on Google about cooking links to your site (which you can't even find on the first page of Google), and instantly your site moves up to the first page of Google when you search for it. This is because that site that linked to you has a higher pagerank authority and is taken a bit more serious than 3 more pages down.

Now say that another site about cooking links back to your site, but they aren't on the first page of Google, they are 3 pages back. This type of backlink may get some traffic to your site, but really they are having the same issues as you and want to be higher on the pagerank list. You are both in the same boat. This link won't move your pagerank, but some readers may still be interested in your content as well.

It really depends on what you are going for with your backlinks. If you are looking to make front page of Google on searching, you need to be backlinking to sites with a higher pagerank that has content similar to your own. If you are just looking to get your site out there, any backlink with similar content will help you, but it will only nudge you, it won't boost your site through the roof.

Get Backlinks and Build Backlinks

Okay, this is the good stuff of this hub. This is explaining how you can get backlinks and build backlinks for your website or your articles in less time and still have the same value to those backlinks. Let's get started.

  • Comment on blogs. Blogs are the hottest thing on the internet and everyone reads them. Blogs has huge potential to attract readers and viewers to your site. You just have to know how to do it correctly. Don't just leave a link to your site, but write a meaningful human comment and leave the link.
  • Use social networking sites and social bookmarking often. Sites like Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit have a lot of value when it comes to backlinks. These are highly populated with internet users looking for new content and new websites. You will be amazed at how many hits you can get off of one link.
  • Use answer sites just Yahoo! Answers and This is a great way to get relevant backlinks and share your knowledge. If you have a niche website, or you have many articles, answer questions with confidence and leave a backlink. I,myself, have answered Yahoo! Answers questions which ended up backlinking to major websites like KGB answers and much more.
  • Use software that help you create backlinks. There are many backlink generators out there, some of them are just spam and some are quite fabulous. PR Backlink Generator, which you can find the link below, offers a intelligent way to create backlinks to blogs relevant to your content in a few minutes. 
  • Comment in forums. Forums are a very clever yet stuble way to get backlinks. If you have a site about cooking, post in forums about cooking, and leave your site as a signature or leave a link whenever you see the chance.

You will start to see advantages and chances to get backlinsk to your site as you learn and research your topic and area of expertise. Just make sure that you don't spam your content and make sure that people know you are generally interested in the topic. Keep your content up to date, informative, and fabulous -- you will start to see results in your traffic and your search enegine rankings! Practice makes perfect!