How To Get Smooth Clear Skin

In order to get smooth skin and a beautiful complexion you must cleanse your skin properly and exfoliate every day. This is the most important step on how to get beautiful skin. Your skin constantly makes new skin cells to replace the dead skin cells. Most of the dead skin cells needs to be deep cleansed or exfoliated to be removed and reveal the new soft skin. 
Most people do not cleanse their skin properly. If you don’t cleanse or exfoliate your skin then you will have build-up, dead dry skin cells, debris, etc. Then moisturizers and treatments applied on top can’t do their job well because there are layers of dead skin and debris. This deep cleansing routine is similar to microdermabrasion. It will renew your skin and over time will help diminish fine lines or sun spots. The stimulation, renewing of skin and cleansing will give your skin a healthy glow and smooth clear skin.
Below are important steps and the best deep cleansing skincare routine to get smooth clear skin. The cleansing routine consists of “layering” the products. It’s may sound strange, but It’s a unique routine, it works well and deep cleanses.  You will feel the difference immediately and should be done daily. This is an excellent way on how to get beautiful skin.
Products you will need
  •  Face soap or cleanser for the morning, gentle face cleanser or cleansing milk for the evening (Neutrogena has a good facial bar soap)
  • Face exfoliator, such as an apricot scrub
  • Face moisturizer
  •  Face toner
  • Face sponge (important to have, the sponge helps to remove excess soap and debris)
How to get smooth face skin
This regimen needs to be done daily. Morning and Evening to get results. Use your favorite skincare products. The key is exfoliating and “layering” the products. It sound simple and it is. The problem is committing to the routine, which is essential. Your skin is very important and needs to be taken care of properly.
get beautiful skinFace Sponge
Morning AM
1.  Moisturizer- When you wake up in the morning. Apply a light facial moisturizer onto face. (do not wash face first, just apply the moisturizer then continue with exfoliator. This is the first layer) 
2.   Exfoliator- Massage a face scrub or exfoliator onto face with a little bit of water. (on top of moisturizer, the moisturizer will protect the skin from over scrubbing. The scrub should have a good amount of scrub in it, or density. Light scrubs with little amount of "scrub" or beads, are often to gentle, but this also depends how sensitive your skin is)
3.   Face soap or cleanser- Next, take the face soap or deep cleanser and make a lather on your hands and massage onto skin. (on top of the exfoliator, another layer). Then rinse with warm water with several splashes, then, finish with cold water with several splashes.
4.   Use a facial sponge to remove excess water and soap. You should be able to immediately feel how clean your skin is.
5.   Moisturize- Apply a facial moisturizer
Evening PM
1.  Gentle cleanser- Massage a gentle facial milk or cleanser onto face. (this cleanser should be more gentle than the morning cleanser and can be used as a makeup remover as well)
2.   Rinse face with warm water, then finish with cold water. Use a face sponge to remove excess water.
3.   Toner- Pat face dry with a towel. Apply face toner with a cotton ball, to remove excess debris or soap.
4.   Moisturize- Apply a night cream or moisturizer.
If this cleansing routine is done properly everyday in the morning and evening, you will feel and see the results. Your face will become smoother and have a beautiful complexion.  Tip: Every step should be done daily. Exfoliating is very important as well as deep cleansing. Choose products that are good for your skin. If you feel your skin becomes too oily or too dry, then change the moisturizer or cleanser accordingly.