How To Get Better Sleep

A Guide To Better Sleep

One may be here because they seek answers on “how to sleep better”. Currently, it might take several minutes even hours before it is possible to get some shut-eye. One may find themselves laying in bed attempting to doze-off, but the brain keeps active and prohibits them from enjoying those beautiful dreams. I will discuss why one may experience insomniac nights preventing a good nights rest and asking the question “why can't I sleep?!” I will also cover sleep strategies that can help and potentially cure insomnia and sleep deprivation, all with natural remedies avoiding harmful sleeping pills that are ineffective and dangerous to human health.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

It is easy for someone to point the finger, blaming someone or something for what is happening to them. However, it is necessary to dig deep into the real problem and be more aware of what goes into the body. The foods one eats, the liquids they consume and the prescription/nonprescription drugs used, can have detrimental effects to the body and the level of its performance. Here are some reasons for those sleepless nights and remedies that may help one's slumber.

Skipping Breakfast/Eating at Night:

If an individual is notorious for skipping breakfast and instead having coffee, it throws the body out of complete balance. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are 10x more likely to consume more calories throughout the day by over eating at lunch, dinner and snacking late at night (after 9pm). This not only can lead to weight gain, it also can disrupt the bodies internal clock, giving unnecessary energy late at night when needing to wind down.

Sleep Remedy:

Allow time to eat 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus 3 snacks throughout the day (between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner and after dinner). This makes it easy to kick those late night hunger cravings, trimming inches from one's waist and allowing to have a peaceful sleep.

No Sleep Schedule:

Most people do not have a sleep schedule, falling into the pattern of going to bed when they “feel tired”. This is a huge mistake. In most cases by watching television, browsing the web, even working on projects until they feel their eyes struggling to stay open, forcing them to throw in the towel. In these scenarios, one may be awake until 2am! For decades, human ancestors lived by the sun. In this modern age, it becomes difficult with all the technology that surrounds humanity.

Sleep Remedy:

Getting the body on a schedule is vital to shut-eye success. Be diligent about getting 6-8 hours per night, have 1-2 hours prior to sleeping without technology (television, cell phone). One can use this opportunity to read a book, enjoy some music with a glass of wine, meditate or talk with their spouse. Doing the following relaxes the mind and makes it easy to fall into a sleepy state. Also, doing this will train the body, being able to fall asleep with ease.

What Are You Drinking?:

Since the invention of those fizzy drinks, many have come to enjoy a favorite brand of soda. Many individuals find themselves drinking sodas or coffee throughout the day. It is common knowledge that caffeine increases one's feelings of being mentally alert and sugar gives false energy, so why consume them in the evening? Coffee or soda late at night (after 7pm) can adversely effect persons sleeping. It is one of those things that contribute to one lying in bed wanting to sleep but having the mind active and wont “shut off”

Sleep Remedy:

Limit the amount of sugar and caffeine consumed throughout the day. Be careful and consider holding off after 7pm. Drink plenty water to replenish the body's hydration, reports have stated over 75% of individuals are clinically de-hydrated. It is great to drink water, and if the taste is on the weak side, add some flavor by squeezing in lemon juice. This also is a bonus because it helps to put the body in an alkaline state which reduces illness and disease.

Best Ways To Get To Sleep:

These are some of the sleep strategies I use for combating those sleepless insomniac nights.

Deep Breathing:

If following the strategies above to help one's sleep, I found that once in bed and comfortable, I will take 3-5 deep breaths (in through the nose out through the mouth). This is a technique that I have been using lately with fantastic results. After doing so, I will usually be sleeping in 10-30 seconds!

Don't Whine Try Some Wine:

Try a Glass of Red Wine I found that an hour before bed 1 glass (6oz) of red wine relaxes my body, puts me into a sleep state, and gets me get ready for bed.

Go Bananas!:

If I am experiencing difficulty falling into my slumber, I will sometimes get out of bed and eat 1 organic banana, within 10-15 minutes I'm out like a light.

Warm Milk:

I personally have not had much success with this. However, many people claim that it does wonders for them. Without using a microwave, in a small pot pour 1 cup of organic milk and leave on medium heat for 5 minutes, pour into a cup, and sip softly. 

Eliminate Mind Clutter:

An hour before bed I will turn off and disconnect myself from technology (phone, laptop, radio) to minimize the chatter that could influence my mind.

Remove Technology From Your Room:

This is another golden tip that I love. Remove all technology from your bedroom (television, radio, cell phone, computer) these can significantly influence one's sleeping. If sleeping with them in their room currently, it is possible to find themselves waking up groggy, sluggish, or feeling as if they did not have a good nights rest. Try removing these technology’s and watch how easy it is to slip into sleep.

Thanks for taking an interest in my article. Let me know if these tips and strategies have helped in achieving sleep success below in the comments.