No matter what your gender is, male or female, you're going to admire muscular arms when you see them. Believe it or not, no one can really tell you what to do to get big arms. It's your body, everyone reacts differently to different types of training.

There's nothing set in stone, if someone is telling you that there is the one program they swear upon to get bigger arms, well it's not going to work forever. So if I can't tell you how to get bigger and bigger arms, what's the point of typing this article out for you gym rats?

 I can give you the idea or the principles of how to get muscular arms. Just like how there is the idea of bodybuilding, when you exhaust your muscles to the point of failure, they should grow back stronger and bigger if you allow them to recover properly.

For most of the women, if they are a beginner and new to the fitness field, they are going to go after the "toned" look and they are going to tell you they don't want their arms to get big. As if it might happen after one day of working out. As for the guys, it's the big arms that they are after. This principle can be applied by both men and women.

And ladies please don't worry about your arms bulging out like the hulk's arms because it takes many years of training and special drugs for your gender to actually get massive arms.

The answer to bigger and better arms is not bicep curls and triceps extensions. That is 10% of the solution. If you want the arms you dream of, the arms you can see in the summer time AND the winter time, then you need to do big things. There's many exercises that will help the arms get bigger, and one of them is Deadlifts.

The deadlift is a very efficient and powerful exercise if you let it to be. With proper form and practice, you can use this exercise to your advantage to grow your arms bigger and better than ever. Go on YouTube now and see if you can find any professional deadlifters with small arms, even intermediate deadlifters have a nice pair of powerful looking arms.

If they are really hardcore, you will notice that they don't wear straps to aid with the grip. If their grip is strong enough to not let the bar slip out of their hands, then they may have forearms like Popeye's because deadlifts start with your hands, and the weight travels throughout your arms and into your back and legs. Your whole body get's a workout from this one tremendously demanding exercise.

If you do deadlifts, please do them with proper form. Your back is at stake if you are making errors with the form. Otherwise, this exercise is very healthy and safe for your muscle gains!

Combine this exercise with your arm workout and your 22 inch arms should be well on their way! Just kidding, be realistic about your goals and always keep an open mind to new exercises and idea's as they might help you through that tough plateau! Don't forget to do your static stretching after the exercises to get more blood flowing in the worked muscles.