Get Those Forearms Stronger

If you have small forearms then you have small arms. You can have the biggest biceps and triceps in the world but without forearms to match the size, you will not look as big. You too can have forearms like the size of good old Popeye the sailor. And you won’t need to pop any cans of Spanish!

Strong forearms help with grip and they make every lift easier to hold. When you have a stronger grip, you will have more muscle tension and less stress on your joints. This results in more muscle gains and less wear and tear on your joints.grg

Despite the benefits of having strong forearms, many people neglect this muscle. The common reason for this is because a weak grip doesn’t allow them to lift as much weight as they want to. They become more weight lifters than strength or body builders. To make the exercises easier, straps or gloves are used to make it easier to hold on to the weight.



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Using these kinds of accessories will make it easier to lift more weight which is great. But when its purpose is abused, forearms become weaker while the rest of the body benefits from some of the muscle tension. The only trainers that will benefit from this are weight lifters as they only care about how much weight they can lift.

Strength and muscle is not anywhere close to their goals. To have strong forearms, you need to forget about the straps or gloves. You need to challenge your grip so you can have more muscle tension.


If you want big forearms, you need to challenge it in every way possible. Isolation exercises for the forearms will not benefit your grip.

Thick bar training is one of the simplest yet most difficult ways to gain forearm strength. Thick bar training is becoming more popular as people learn about the greatness it offers them. Anything over 2.5 inches is considered to be thick, but commonly gyms only have one inch. When you wrap your hands over a greater amount of surface area, your muscle tension increases resulting in more strength and muscle gains.rgrg

Why don’t people jump on this thick bar train that seems to be raving the strength and bodybuilding communities? Well because it can be hard on your ego to drop on some weight for the first few weeks to improve your grip strength.

Though, after this phase you will find yourself hitting more weight than ever. A stronger grip will result in more confidence while holding more weight and more muscle tension throughout the body.

As muscle tension increases, wear and tear on your joints decreases dramatically. Your rotator cuff will thank you when you are benching or shoulder pressing with a thick bar. For the best results, you should use thick bar training for every exercise. 

You will see your forearms explode from this type of training from the very first day! Many gyms don’t have thick bars because it’s very expensive and too much work to replace all the gyms equipment. Never fear though, there is a free or a cheap route to thick bar training.

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Look for thick grips that allow you to turn any piece of equipment or bar into a thick bar for a very low cost. You spend less than 40$ and you can use again and again on anything. It will save you hundreds of dollars since thick bars are very expensive. A few companies that make these special grips are “Fatgripz” and “grip4orce”. Depending on where you look, you can get a pair for 30$.


If you want to save your 30$, you can wrap clothes around bars or dumbbells and make it as thick as you want. I use a few shirts that I don’t wear because my thick grips haven’t arrived yet.

Stronger and bigger forearms will allow you to lift more, grip more and save your joints from any pain or damage.

Getting the forearms you want shouldn’t be like rocket science. Don’t use things that will make it easier for your grip. You need to challenge your grip or you will lose muscle tension. A stronger grip will activate more muscles than ever. 

Start now so you don’t miss out on the huge muscle and strength gains!