Don't Spend A Fortune Flying To Hawaii!

Here's how you can get cheap airline tickets to and from the Hawaiian Islands:

You might think I'm crazy, but I'm here to show you how to get cheap airline tickets to Hawaii. As a person who has flown pretty much all over the country on a shoe string budget, I can honestly tell you that there are plenty of ways to save big money on airline tickets, even to the Hawaiian Islands. Don't worry, I'm not going to discuss anything illegal or unethical, but I will show you a handful of tips that aren't very well known amongst the general public.

How Much Will You Save?

This is the first thing people usually ask, and I honestly can't answer that because there are so many things to consider. For starters, different airlines charge different prices for tickets to Hawaii, and it's further complicated by what time of the year you're traveling. That makes it pretty tough to give an absolute answer, but I can tell you that I regularly save at least 50 percent off the airline ticket list price anywhere I fly simply by following a few of these strategies. And in many cases I've actually flown for as little as $20, on a major airline no less! Granted I wasn't flying to Hawaii on that trip, but I think you get my point: These tips really do work.

Here's How I Find Cheap Airline Tickets To Hawaii:

Shop For Airline Tickets On Craigslist.

Believe it or not, you can find some amazing deals on this online marketplace. It's the first place many people go when they suddenly find themselves in a position to sell something fast, usually when life circumstances prevent them from using it. For instance, a friend of mine picked up round trip airline tickets to the Hawaiian Islands for $250! And that was for his family of four! Do the math on that and you'll see that it only "cost" about $60 per person to fly to and from Hawaii from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). The man he bought them from was unable to use them for his own family because of a tragic and sudden life circumstance, and the tickets were non-refundable. As a result my friend saved a bunch of money and the seller at least recuperated part of his cost; it was pretty much win-win.

My advice is to look on as many Craigslist locations as possible, not just in your home town. Airline tickets are small and easy to mail (or electronically transfer), so there's no reason not to look in other areas, too. It's easy because it's all online.

But be careful. While Craigslist is a great place to find cheap plane tickets (and other goodies), it's also a haven for unscrupulous characters. Follow good and safe commerce practices when buying/selling online, and never blindly send anyone cash or a money order without some sort of collateral. If in doubt, call you local Better Business Buerau for help.

Buy Your Plane Tickets During Non-Tourist Season.

While Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous all year round, there are "peak" times when tourists fly in by the thousands; and there are also times when they barely dribble in at all. The latter is preferable, as the airlines are usually desperate to get "butts in seats." Just like anything else, the laws of supply and demand work in the airline industry, too, so why not buy airline tickets to Hawaii during a non-peak time and ride the cheap part of the supply and demand curve?

Summer is usually when Hawaiian tourists flock to the islands, so if you can buy your plane tickets in one of the other seasons, you can usually save a ton of money. Typically winter is the cheapest, simply because people rarely vacation during the coldest months, plus they're busy with Holidays and all that jazz.

Order Your Airline Tickets To Hawaii As Early As Possible.

For many reasons the airlines love knowing they've got passengers lined up far in advance, and they're usually willing to cut you a tremendous deal if you're willing to book your flight several months in advance. This is probably the easiest tip on how to get cheap airline tickets to Hawaii, as it only takes some good planning and a willingness to pony up the cash way in advance.

Buy Last Minute Plane Tickets To Hawaii.

I know this seems to contradict my previous point, but if you can't buy cheap airline tickets to Hawaii long in advance, it usually pays off to wait until the absolute last second. Why? Because if there are still seats available on the airplane, the airline will "take what it can" to get people in them. Remember, the plane is flying to Hawaii anyway, so if they can squeeze a few extra people on at the last second, even if it's at a super discounted ticket price, that's money they wouldn't otherwise be making.

Of course this does come at a big risk: What if there aren't any last minute airline tickets to Hawaii available? In that case, you won't get a ticket. That's why I wouldn't recommend this strategy to anyone who is on a tight schedule. If you've got some time to kill and don't have a fixed itinerary, it's a great way to get cheap airline tickets to Hawaii, though.

I should also mention that this trick works best for smaller groups. If you're trying to fly a family of five or six, finding that many seats available at the last minute might be difficult. And that last thing you'd want to do is split your family up on several different flights (or worse, find out some of them can't make the trip at all - yikes!). But if it's just one or two people flying together, this is a great way to get cheap tickets to Hawaii.

Consider Non-Refundable Tickets To Hawaii.

I know that this carries a big risk, especially if you need to cancel your trip. But the upside is that the airlines are typically willing to reward you for taking that risk, often charges 20 percent to 30 percent less for non-refundable tickets. Personally, I've never needed to back out of any flight, so paying extra money for the convenience of changing my flight just seems silly. But it's kind of like a $200 extended warranty on a $100 stereo, some people want the safety and security incase of a "what if."

If you're willing to accept the risk, then do it. This is how to find cheap airline tickets to Hawaii without really doing much extra work at all.

Is It Cheaper To Buy One Way Tickets To Hawaii Instead Of Round Trip Tickets? Airlines used to cut deals on round trip tickets to Hawaii and other parts of the world, kind of like "buying in bulk." Notice how I said, "used." Past tense. While many still offer discounted rates when you order round trip plane tickets, it's not always the case anymore. It's just that so many of us automatically assume that it's cheaper to go this route than to piece together two individual tickets.

I'm not saying that you'll always save money this way, it's actually kind of hit and miss. sometimes you'll save money buying one-way tickets to Hawaii, other times it's cheaper to go with round-trip ones. But do the math on both options before you fork over your hard-earned cash, often times there's a clear cut winner. And that winner could mean cheap airline tickets to the Hawaiian Islands.

Enjoy Your Flight

These are amongst some of my favorite ways to save money when traveling, and they've worked for me time and time again. I'm pretty confident they'll work for you, too. Just be sure to do plenty of homework and planning before trying them out so you don't find yourself stranded.

Once you realize how to get cheap airline tickets to Hawaii, you might find yourself going back again and again!