Preperation For The Future

First things first....

Why is reading important?

First of all, books help children develop vital language skills. The more they read, the better they get at it. Which means they become better communicators, as they delve into a world of words and meanings, plots and characters.  Situations they may have to face, or may not.

Secondly, opening a book is like opening a world. Many people say, "Why read about it when you can do it?". I say, "Why jump into it if you have no idea what to expect?". Reading takes you places, it helps you meet people, without leaving your house. On rainy days, it's doubtful that you can pack up and say, "Let's visit Egypt.". But you can hand your child a book about it, and they'll get nearly the same feeling, if not a better one. They'll acquire knowledge of people and customs, helping them to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Third, reading is fun. And it doesn't cost a dime. You can just drive, or even walk, to your nearest library, and set your child loose on the array of books. As time goes on, it becomes more and more enjoyable.


How Do I Get My Child Interested In Reading?

Read To Them: My parents time-tested approach, an approach that got my older siblings and I interested in reading, was to read to us. They read to us almost daily, until we could make out the words for ourselves. And even before that, we always went to our library. It was the place I practically grew up in. And although we moved to a completely different state when I was seven, it took us no time to find a library.

Use Incentives: Every summer the library would have a reading club. You read a certain amount of books, and receive da prize. We got involved in it every year. The nice thing was that everyone was a winner! Even if you didn't get a free prize, you could get a free ticket to go roller skating party. The library also held parties every so often, where they'd have crafts and snacks.

Give Them Ownership: I remember the day I got my very own library card. I felt so proud. That's the feeling a child will get. Let them have their own card. And when they want to go to the library, go, if there's nothing of more importance to do. Also, train them to keep a good record. That will give them a sense of responsibility (Another plus if your child loves reading. They develop responsiblity early).

These are just a few of the reasons for a child to develop an early love of reading, and the ways to do so.