You need to get a lot of gifts with limited of funds.  This list will help you get coupons for your gifts. The best ways to get coupons are usually the ways that will provide the manufacturer with feedback.   

Show Your Loyalty

Write the company of the brand that you buy the most often. Companies love to know how much you enjoyed their product and are likely to send you a few coupons to save you money if you write them a handwritten letter. 

Join companies in their social media network.  Companies are reaching out to consumers through social media outlets to get more business.  Usually the fans of companies (thier followers on Facebook or Twitter) are the first ones to know about new products.  One company that is notorious for discounts for its fans is New York and Company.

Fill out the information for loyalty programs.  While it Is annoying to fill out the form at the register, it may lead to multiple companies in the mail.  Consider signing up for the newsletter at every store that you shop at regularly.   

In Store Promotions

Look in the store for special coupons and rebates.  I cannot stress this enough. For instance, if you buy toys at Toys R Us, they often have coupons for board games in the board game aisle (sometimes it is a rebate). 

Use the Company’s Website

Go to the company’s website and look for coupons.  Some manufactures are placing coupons on their websites just to get people to buy their products.  Another perk that is available on websites is that they announce new products.  When companies release new products, they may be at a discounted price or they may include a special coupon.


Look in the newspaper for coupons.  During the holiday season you will often find a coupon for a toy or a new product tucked inside.  The most common locations for these coupons will be on the front and back of coupon inserts. 

Shop Online

Online shopping is one of the best ways to save money.  Many websites will offer produts at a cheaper price online.  Additionally, you can find promotion codes for websites by searching for the store names and coupons.  

If you can find a promotion code for a website and spend a certain amount, you will likely get a price that is cheaper than buying the item at a local store.  Please understand that the deals online are not necessarily the same deals that you will find in the store so make sure that you are always checking the prices online before you buy any item in the store.  

Use Daily Websites

Watch the daily alert sites for discounts at your local stores.  Businesses use services like Groupon to get customers to visit them.  You should watch the special deals of these websites to make sure that you are not missing any deals.  While it is not a coupon, it will provide a substantial discount like a coupon.