So its time for you to start college? I am sure you will be really excited about this new phase of your life. Once you have chosen the program you want to pursue the next thing is to chalk out a way for paying the course fees. The fees for graduate level program may vary from college to college but still is quite high. If you are like other students who don't have the cash to fund your education then you should consider the option of education finance.

Funding Your Education:

Getting education funding is the best way to carry out your college education. Some simple steps noted below will help you to get education finance:

• The first step involves applying to the college of your choice. If you meet all the criteria your application should be approved. After this, you need to locate the school code. You can either check out the website or ring up to get the school code.

• The next step is to fill a free application for federal student aid also known as FAFSA. You can do this either online or by using regular mail service. Make sure you fill the form correctly and provide all the needed information. You can check out the FAFSA website for any queries regarding the form. Do send in the form before the closing date which is generally given on the website.

• You have to wait for some weeks or even months before getting a reply. Generally the reply is sent to your selected school and they in turn will let you know.

• If your application is accepted then decide whether you want to go for the loan or not. Loans that are offered are of two sorts namely subsidized and unsubsidized. If you go for the former one then you won't have to pay interest till the time you are studying and if you choose the latter option you start giving interest right away. You have the choice of accepting one loan or both the loans and even none of the loans.

• The last step is to select the lender and filing the master promissory note. Your college office will provide you with details of all financial institutions which will offer you loan.

Just follow these easy steps to get education finance and your dream of graduating from your preferred college will be a reality.