Baby formula is essential towards providing proper nutrition for a new born. Such formula contains the necessary vitamins and proteins for a baby. Anyone who has raised a baby knows of how costly formula can be. Depending on the size of the formula container, a baby can go through several jars of baby formula within a short time span. Luckily, there are many ways to recieve free baby formula and in turn cut down on the overwhelmingly high cost of raising a new born.

The steps below will include the best ways to find free baby formula.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Use Coupons

Search for coupons that offer free or discounted baby formula. A great place to start your search for such coupons is the internet. Browse around online coupon providers such as or Such websites provide a wide selection of valuable baby formula coupons. It is not uncommon to find websites that offer free printable coupons for free baby formula. There are countless coupon websites online so be persistant and visit as many as possible.

Step 2

Order Free Samples

There are many free baby formula samples available. You can obtain such free samples by contacting baby formula companies such as Enfamil. Send the company of your choice a letter or e-mail requesting a free sample or discount coupons. Most major baby formula companies are more than happy to oblige their potential customer in such a request.

Step 3

Use The Internet

Go online and look for coupon codes, promotional offers, and free baby formula offers. Also be sure to browse around parenting websites and "free stuff" websites for up to date listings on discounted and free baby formula.

Step 4

Consider Government Assistance

Signing up for one of the many government assistance programs for mothers or low income families will provide you with free baby formula as well as other necessities. A few of the most popular such government assistance programs include: WIC, Food Stamps, Welfare, and General Relief. Each program has different stipulations and income requirements to qualify. Speak with your local Social Security office or log on to for more information about government aid.

Step 5

Look In Stores

Head down to your local grocery store or wherever you buy baby formula to see what discount offers are available on baby formula. Many stores will over manufacturer coupons on baby formula which could take a percentage off your baby formula, a buy one get one free offer, even %100 free baby formula at times. If you don't see any coupons or offers in the baby formula aisle, consider speaking with a store manager to see if any coupons or promotions are available.


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