I will admit it. I'm the sort of person that buys a lot of books. I basically love to read just about everything...books, magazines, newspaper, advertising flyers, etc. So the opportunity to save up to 40% at Border's Books is something I take seriously!

If you haven't heard, Borders Books has a program called, "Border's Rewards." Signing up is 100% free. (Unlike the Barnes and Noble program, which costs $25 to join.) You can sign up online at borders.com or in any store. Each time you buy something at Border's you earn points on your card. Get enough points, and you get free Border's coupons in various denominations. Being a "Rewards" member also entitles you to various other discounts and specials.

When you sign up, they will ask for your email. By all means, be sure and give them your email! Almost every week, Borders will email you a coupon or coupons that entitle you to discounts of 20, 30 or even 40%. The discounts are sometimes on specific products, but quite often the coupons are good for most any item in the store. I've got to admit, it's dangerous to walk into a Border's with a "40% off any book" coupon in your pocket!

You might think Borders would slack off on the coupons for the holidays, but I haven't found that to be the case. Last Christmas, they started the season with a 20% off coupon. The next week came a 30% off coupon. Then, just a week or so before Christmas came a 40% off coupon. And then, a couple days before Christmas, another 40% off coupon! As you might imagine, I did a lot of shopping at Borders last Christmas.

Don't miss out on Border's Rewards! It's a program worth checking out! (And NO, I don't work for them!)