Free Phalaenopisis Orchids in Taiwan

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This tip may only be applicable to a small percentage of people but, if you are living in Taiwan and you love orchid flower arrangements – and other flower arrangements – you can probably get as many phalaenopsis orchids in Taiwan as you like for free.

When a new business such as a restaurant, shoe design school or English cram school opens in Taiwan or when it changes locations, undergoes an expansion, etc. many area businesses and those who have a connection to the new business such as banks and suppliers will send beautiful Taiwan phalaenopsis orchid arrangements to wish them well. While phal orchids in Taiwan are a typical gift, they will often send other types of flower arrangements or potted plants. A typical orchid arrangement may have six or eight phalaenopisis orchid plants in a nice ceramic pot. There will normally be a card of congratulations along with the name of the sender. All of the orchid flowers will be in bloom. An arrangement like this will cost NT$ 2,000 (USD $60) or more. Naturally the business will display these near the entrance or other public area as long as the orchid flowers are in bloom and the display is attractive. This is one reason for the prevalence of orchids in Taiwan used as gifts since orchid flowers stay in bloom for a relatively long time compared to other flower arrangements.

Orchids From TaiwanAfter the phalaenopsis orchid flowers blooms begin to fade however the business must find something to do with these floral arrangements. You might think that they would simply hold onto them and wait for the orichids to bloom again. While this may happen occasionally, it is not typical. They will usually have received multiple flower arrangements and it is not practical for them to keep and care for them until they bloom again in 10 to 12 months. In many cases they simply dispose of the orchid plants as well as the containers. If you're male, Taiwan girls working in the shop would be more than happy to help you.  If you are interested in getting your hands on these orchid flowers, simply approach the owner or manager and ask them what their plans are for the phal orchids after they stop blooming. If they have no definite plan for them, as they most likely will not, express your interest in them and offer your cell phone number to them. Chances are that you may not get a call back from a single contact but, if you are persistent and stop in more than once, you may get lucky and get the phals.  Of course if you're not living here you won't be able to get free orchids in Taiwan but you can still find inexpensive orchids online.  Amazon has a nice selection of orchids online, many for less than $10.

For an even better chance of success target businesses that are in your neighborhood or in an area you frequent regularly. If the business provides a service or product that you would purchase anyway, take your business there and establish yourself as a customer. This gives you a very good chance of having them call when they decide they no longer want the phal orchid flowers. Good places to target are coffee shops and restaurants which seem to spring up everywhere here in Taiwan. They rarely have excess room in their shops and will want to quickly get rid of the orchid flower arrangements once they lose their decorative value. It’s also easy to drop into these places for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and check on ‘your’ orchid flowers.  Get some free orchids in Taiwan.

Image Credit: Phalaenopsis Orchids by Marina Fuzaro