Gift wrapping paper can get expensive. It seem such a shame to spend money on wrapping paper when it is going to be ripped up and thrown away with the trash. Here is my favorite way of saving money on wrapping paper.

Every Sunday when you receive your Newspaper set the comic section in a box. The colored comics from the Sunday newspaper makes excellent gift wrapping paper. It can be used for any holiday including Christmas. It can also be used for wrapping birthday gifts.

It may seem a bit tacky for some adults but kids will love it. It's not what it's wrapped in but whats inside that counts to kids. I personally have always loved getting my gifts wrapped in the Sunday comics.

With the economy tight and many families struggling too pay the basics much less the additional expenses of providing Christmas gifts for their children make the Sunday Comics an even more tempting solution to help rein in a little bit of the money each family feels they need to spend each Christmas.

If you already subscribe too the Sunday newspaper then this option will provide free wrapping paper for your holiday gift giving. Simply put the Sunday colored comics in a box each week and when you need to wrap a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any other type of gift then you will have all thecute and colorful wrapping paper you need.

My family, especially my grandparents, would always give me gifts wrapped in the Sunday colored comics. They could of easily afforded to buy wrapping paper but they understood that wrapping paper is pretty much a waste of money. By using the colored comics that come in the Sunday newspaper each week they were able to divert the money they saved into something more important like dentures, or walkers, a colored TV, or whatever they would need to buy in the future.

You can use the Sunday comics to wrap your kids Christmas gifts. You can still buy wrapping paper in the store for certain gifts fromSanta Claus.

Wrapping paper is ripped and then thrown away. That is the same as throwing money away. By using the Sunday color comics for wrapping paper you can save money and also a few trees.