You Too Can Have

Fuller And Thicker Hair!
Things You'll Need:
-Ionic Blow Dryer
-Your favorite volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and leave in product
-Ionic Curling Iron

When it comes to hair, thin isn't in - especially at this time of year, when you want to look particularly fabulous. So if big, bouncy, make-'em-stare hair is all you're after, check out our bagful of all the expert tricks you need to get luscious locks. Here's how to fatten up fast.

Step 1:
Start with Shampoo
Big hair begins in the shower, with a volume-boosting shampoo. Does today's technology really make a difference? Absolutely. There are ingredients now, like wheat protein, that can swell each strand to almost twice its size. Another ingredient to consider is niacin also known as vitamin B3; a 2005 study, reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, showed that it made hair visibly fuller when applied topically.
It's also important to avoid certain products. Shampoos with conditioning or moisturizing properties, which weigh hair down. Likewise, be sure your volumizing conditioner is lightweight - anything heavy is just going to work against you.

Step 2:
What matters most is what happens in the window between wet and dry.
-Start by using a thickening spray or cream on damp hair to add texture.
-Next, grab a large round brush. That shape is great for smoothing while giving volume and movement.
-Take a three-inch section from your crown and place the brush against the roots. (The brush should be grabbing your hair tightly so that the roots are lifted and taut.)
Aim your blow-dryer nozzle at the barrel for several seconds. Keep the brush there as the hair cools, then slide it down the rest of the section (with the dryer following behind) to smooth. Repeat on the rest of your hair, going from back to front.
• Once hair is nearly dry, use a root-lifting spray to lock in fullness and help prevent midday flop. Special polymers in these stylers add pliable hold that lasts all day without making hair stiff, the way a traditional hairspray might.
• After you've spritzed, flip your head over and finish drying. And remember: Once you're done, keep finger fussing to a minimum - oils from your hands can flatten hair.

Step 3:
Want to go bigger still? After the blow-dry, try one of these bonus styling tricks.
Hot rollers give maximum lift for minimal effort. Tip: Before putting the rollers in, part your hair in the opposite direction from the way you usually do. (You'll flip back to normal afterward, but initially fighting your hair's natural bent helps create fullness.) Then, roll hair in two-inch sections with large rollers, and leave them in until cool. Remove them, gently re-part your hair, and allow it to fall into place.

No time to set your whole head? Take a section of hair from the top and put it in a large roller. You'll get subtle-but-noticeable volume at the crown, where it matters most.

Volume, Volume

And more Volume!

Step 4:
Jealous of your favorite celeb's magnificent mane? Could be good genes, but more likely it's a hairpiece. (So in case you've ever wondered, that's how stars change styles constantly or go from short to long overnight.) And because today's fakes look and feel better than ever, they're easy to wear in real life, too.

If you have fine hair, an added piece provides actual thickness, so hair looks fuller immediately. (I prefer pieces made from human hair, because you can wash and style them just as you would your own hair.) Long, fancy extensions start around $300. A cheaper and easier alternative: synthetic pieces in specific styles (like a chignon or ponytail) that you fasten on with an attached clip. Simple to use and surprisingly realistic, they're perfect for special occasions and they take just seconds.

Tips And Warnings:
-Steer clear of plastic bristle brushes. They rip and tear at the hair shaft. Try to buy a boar bristle brush. They are a lot healthier for your hair
-Brush before shampooing. A quick brush of your hair will lift product from your hair and scalp, thus letting the shampoo do its job even better.
-Trim your hair every 3 months. The ends of your hair are prone to damage for they are the oldest parts of your hair.
-Be careful with wet hair. Wet hair is able to stretch so it is more prone to damage. Use a wide tooth comb, if you are to detangle your hair in the shower.
-Try an ionic dryer. Ions are atoms with a positive or negative charge. These particular hair-dryers bathe your hair in negative ions, which help break up water molecules faster and cancel out hair-damaging positive ions