Let's face it, what guy has not dreamed of being surrounded by hoards of adoring groupies? The question is, how do you get groupies? Can you only attract groupies if you are the lead singer of a rock band? Have no fear star wannabes! I have answers for you. 

1. Build Up A Little Fame Doing Anything

You are pretty much guaranteed groupies if you are in a band. Does that mean if you are not in a band, you will never have groupies? Not necessarily. 

Groupies are attracted to people who have some level of fame. The higher the fame, the more groupies you will have. However, even remotely famous people have a few groupies. 

Lim Yo-Hwan is a former professional video gamer who is one of the most successful Starcraft players of all time. Groupies would leave notes on his team van saying "Marry Me, Lim Yo-Hwan" and "I belong to you." 

Now, go find something you're good at and make a name for yourself. 

2. Use Social Media

The use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is a necessity! Build up your online following and they will begin to follow you offline too. Keep your fans in the loop. 

There are plenty of people who have become famous from simply having a YouTube channel. Some of these YouTubers have real talent, for example Freddy Wong and Brandon Laatsch. These guys graduated film school and chose to go the non-traditional route. They began making YouTube content and now have a huge following. They also released their first feature film in 2012. 

Some YouTubers become an overnight sensation, for example Corey Delaney (AKA Australian Party Guy). This 16-year old threw a party that grew to 500 people while his parents were on holiday. His interview with the news went viral. That lead to more TV interviews, along with other opportunities, and of course groupies! 

3. Have An Entourage

People are attracted to people. The larger group you have around you the more attention you will draw. Other people will want to be a part of this group, therefore your groupies will grow. However, how do you get groupies, if you do not have groupies? Get your friends to follow you around. Trade services with people on Craigslist. Pay people. Give away free food. Basically anything to be seen in public with a large group of people. 

4. Get Up And Make It Happen!

The main key to getting groupies is to just make it happen. Sitting at your computer reading how to get groupies is simply not enough. Now, go out and be awesome! People are attracted to awesome. 

Good luck! Remember to always be appreciative of your groupies and treat them nicely!