Hulu+ Web Only Content Is Available On Your TV

You Just Have To Have The Right Setup

When my wife and I dropped cable and switched over to internet TV only we quickly had to deal with the problem of not having acess to CBS programming. You can read more about that here.

A little later on we also started finding some shows here and there that were available to Hulu Plus subscribers that weren't available for Roku or our Panasonic Viera blueray player Hulu Plus ap.

The Simpsons was actually the first show that we consistently wanted to watch on Hulu over the Roku box that we couldn't get. In time we found a number of other shows that weren't available either even though they were all available over on Hulu's website for Hulu Plus subscribers.

What Did We Do?

We Started Exploring The Features Of PlayON.TV

PlayOn Software LogoCredit: PlayOn.TVPlayOn.TV is a small piece of software that we bought early on in our adventure into internet-only TV. I wrote why we bought it in my CBS on Roku post linked above and also on our ESPN on Roku post a couple months back but it took a while for us to realize that when you have a Hulu Plus subscription PlayOn will allow you to stream the web-only content from Hulu over to your Roku box.

The reason the web only content isn't available on your regular Roku ap is that the service recognizes your operatign system and blocks certain content from your TV making you use a computer to view the content.

With PlayOn the software is on your computer so Hulu doesn't filter web-only content out of it's offerings. It's kind of like a TV working on a projector. Your computer plays the programs and displays the picture across your house on the TV.

In any event the whole setup is quite simple to setup even for noobs. You can see my review of PlayOn here for even more information on how it all works but the just is simple.

You buy the playon software for a one-time fee (no subscription) and then install the software on a PC running somewhere in your home. The PC should be on your home network for this to work.

Once the software is installed just go into your settigns and enter your HuluPlus account login credentials and then head over to Roku to put the PlayOn Roku channel on your dashboard. That's it. From the purchase screen you can realistically have your stuff installed in minutes and be watching web-only Hulu programming on your TV through your Roku box in just a few minutes.

Remember, I've been using this setup since around February 2012 (give or take) and it took us months to realize this cool feature of PlayOn. I know this wasn't a huge selling point for me but I've found on forums that many people drop HuluPlus because of this problem. I know money is tight but for just a one-time fee to PlayOn you can get what you actually wanted inthe first place - internet only Hulu shows on yoru Roku. As the months pass the extra software purchase seems like a trivial fee in getting your internet TV system setup.

If you have any questions just create a login here and drop a comment in the box below. I'll try to monitor the comments and answer questions here fro time to time. And please make sure to share this article with any friends you have that have Roku and HuluPlus. Thanks!

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