Are you looking for ideas on how to get in shape so you can loose those few extra pounds? This article will give you some great ideas on how to do just that. So let’s go!

how to get in better shape

Find your WHY. You need to explore deep down inside yourself why you want to get back in shape. Maybe it is because you don’t have energy to play with your kids when you get home from work or you want to get fit for that marathon you sometime plan to run. Any how, you need your WHY to be something that really fuels you and pushes you forward when you most feel like quitting. Motivation will get you started, your WHY will keep you going.

How To Get In ShapeMake small changes in your diet. Your diet is everything! You can’t expect to get in shape if you eat unhealthy food and put more calories into your body than you burn during the day. If you are having trouble with making major changes in your diet, make smaller ones. Replace that daily soft drink with a glass of fresh lemon water, instead of eating that sandwich eat an apple. Even though small changes like these might seem insignificant, they will make a huge different for how you both feel and look in the long run. Also try to eat more vegetables and natural food (things you can find naturally in nature). Try to avoid any type of food that is processed, high in sugar or have low nutritional value.

Exercise more by doing thing you enjoy. The best way to start exercising is doing the things you already love and enjoy but might not be doing anymore. Do you enjoy walking your dog, playing with your kids or taking a walk in nature? Whatever it may be, start doing it more often until it becomes a daily habit that you can’t live without doing. This will help you on your way because doing the things you love and enjoy won’t feel like hard work, but you burn those calories anyway! Forcing yourself into a gym membership and exercising seven days a week might work for a week or two. But can you really keep up with this pace for the rest of your life? Whatever you decide to do, star small.

Find an accountability partner. Getting in shape can sometimes be hard to do on your own, especially in the beginning. If you really are committed to live a healthier lifestyle, getting started and continuing your journey will be much easier and fun if you have support. Find a friend or family member who is on a similar path as yourself, get a personal trainer or let your spouse be your new partner. Your partner can make all the difference, because at times when you don’t feel like going out for a run, your partner will be there and push you to do it. You and your partner can also cheer each other up and support each other on your journey to getting in better shape.

Decide and commit to a long term process. Be realistic, getting in shape won’t happen over night, it takes time and effort. But small changes in your diet and daily habits will get you very far. Good luck!