Beach Body Insanity Review-Best Full Body Exercise

It's Insanity Not To Do This Exercise Program

Last year a good friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of the  Beach Body Insanity workout.  I was familiar with it but being an avid runner, I had never given it a serious consideration. He asked me if I would check out it and let me know how hard it was for me to go through the entire workout.  I am always up for a challenge and by the end of first workout, I knew that this was something great.  It reminded me of the cardio and full body weight exercises that I did as a wrestler in high school.  The following morning when I woke up, my entire body was sore.   Even my finger tips and toes were sore.  My abs felt like someone ran a cheese grater over them.  I fully understand why this program is named"Insanity".

The Skinny On Beach Body Insanity

Insanity focuses on strengthening your core and improving your endurance.  You don't need any equipment.  All you need is a computer or DVD player and a room large enough to move side to side by a few feet.  All the exercises are different and force your body into muscle confusion.  Every segment and every day offers you something different.   If you have never seen or felt your core before you will.  I thought that I was very fit before Insanity.  I lost about 2 inches off my waist after only 60 days.  Do a Google search for Beach Body Insanity Reviews online and you will fully understand why this is close to the best selling home exercise program on the planet.

When you start doing this program, you are going to feel like you are in high school all over again.  It gets into the basics of primal exercise similar to Mark Sisson's Primal Blue Print.  Shaun T. will have you jumping rope, boxing, shooting baskets, running the long jump and doing push ups like there is no tomorrow.

I really liked the cardio and plyometric work outs and added them to my to my running routine.   Each exercise is broken down into 45 or 60 second intervals.  Some routines have a rest in between and others do not. 

 After a few months of doing the exercising with Shaun T and the gang I stopped because my wife did not like me rearranging her furniture to accommodate all the running and jumping that you do.  It was in the middle of winter and not really conducive for doing these exercises outside. To make a long story short, I came down with acute case of plantar fasciitis in April and had to do something to keep in shape.  I bought the Beach Body Insanity workout program and started doing the exercises on a rebound trampoline inside my home because my feet hurt so bad from the plantar fasciitis.   My wife permanently arranged the furniture to give me my own personal gym space at home.

Each week, I noticed a remarkable improvement in both my fitness and plantar fasciitis.  By the end of July after taking 60 days off of running, I was able to run again.  I felt like I had never stopped running because Insanity had kept me so fit.

Month 1 

Insanity is broken down into two separate months with a 7 day rest in between of easier workouts.   The first month is intense circuit training that average about 47 minutes long. The routines are Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Recovery, and Pure Cardio.

The first month is the easy month.  Yea, right!  Outside of high school wrestling practice, I have never had such an intense exercise in such a short period.  Beach Body designed month number 1 to get you ready for the Max Interval workouts of month 2.  The rest is not easy either.  The only thing easy about Insanity is going to bed at night.  You will sleep so good!

The rest week is doing a short work out called Core Cardio And Balance

Month 2

The second month focuses on intense interval training.  Shaun T calls it Max Interval Training.  Basically, you workout hard for 3 minutes and rest for 30 seconds.  Month number 2 of Insanity is more intense and longer.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee during the 60 day trial  period, there is nothing to loose except inches of fat.  Give the 60 day trial a shot and do not ever quit or give up.

As sort of an after thought, I wanted to mention that I started month 2 all over again and I thought it was going to be easy.   Think again.  The very nature of this exercise will draw you into working out to your full potential.  This is the "good stuff"!