Having a baby is expensive and paying for everything that the baby needs is very expensive. Free samples can help make things easier. If you are choosing to use formula with your baby then you will want to find as many infant formula free samples as possible. Here are some good places to get samples and most come with coupon offers afterward to save you even more money.

Amazon does not give things away for free; however, they do offer a ton of baby cribs being sold at insanely low prices! 

Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes OB/GYN’s get infant formula free samples and they will be happy to pass tCute Baby Eating PastaCredit: Amazon.comhem along. If they don’t then they may know of a program that will get your free samples, great deals, and sometimes even trial offers from formula companies. Sometimes the companies will try new formula and new bottles and will provide free samples in exchange for your reviews of their products. This can help you out a lot and is likely to provide more than just a small sample of formula.

 Ask the Hospital

Most hospitals will supply you with a small diaper bag from one of the formula companies that includes free samples including infant formula free samples, diapers, soaps, and ointments. If you ask the staff and they know you are interested in additional formula samples they may have some to give you or may send you home with extra. Just make sure you are polite to all your nurses and you may want to talk to more than one during your stay.

 Register at All the Infant Formula Companies Websites

By taking a few minutes to register for all the different infant formula companies you wMunchkin Multicolored Spoons-6 PackCredit: Amazon.comill get infant formula free samples and will receive coupons and special offers. Many times signing up for these programs also gets you a lot of junk mail, but it’s worth it for the free samples, coupons, and special offers. There are lots of companies that you can do this with including Enfamil, Nestle, Similac, Member’s Mark, Parent’s Choice, and Gerber. Sign up for them all and you will get samples from all of them.

 Get Pregnancy and Parenting Magazines 

You can also sign up for many free pregnancy and parenting magazines. Many of these have articles about getting free samples and directions to help you get infant formula free samples. Some will even send you free samples straight from them to your mail box! These magazines are often free for the first year and can help you out a lot. They too often come with a lot of coupons and special offers to make having a baby cheaper.

 Sign Up For a Baby Registry Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket For BabiesCredit: Amazon.com

Another option that can help you to get free samples is to go and sign up for a baby registry at many stores. Just by signing up many of them will give you a gift bag that has free samples in it. This isn’t the case at all stores, but some Walmarts, Targets, and Meijers do it and some specialty baby stores will do it as well. This is also a good time to make your registry!


You aren’t likely to find “free samples” on Craigslist, however sometimes people will have leftover formula when they are all done with it. Some will offer it on there for a very low price and others will offer to give it away to a family that can use it. If you are one who can use it you can stay tuned into your local Craigslist under the baby and kids section.

Seek Help

If you really do need more than just samples and money to buy formula just isn’t there then you should seek help and not just free samples. While you can get a number of infant formula free samples these won’t go far when you are considering feeding your baby. There are programs to help you. In the US there are programs such as WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) that will help you get the formula your baby needs. These programs are based on income and designed to help those that really would struggle with getting formula. It is important that you don’t feed an infant under 4 months of age water, watered down formula, or other foods including infant cereal.


In most cases getting formula samples is safe and won’t harm your child in anyway. However, if your child is sensitive or has digestive problems then he or she will have a hard time switching to different formulas. In these cases, using infant formula free samples will cause stomach upset, extra spit up, and can also cause diarrhea.

 Getting infant formula free samples can help you to feed your baby and will help you to save a little money. You won’t be able to get enough samples to feed your baby for the next year, but you will be able to save a little money. You will also get coupons that can help you to save more money.