As long as cheat codes have existed, the players of survival, shooting games have been looking for the cheat codes to unlock all kinds of special skills, including maximum shield, unlimited health, unlimited money, etc. But the most important cheat code all players want to get their hands on, is the cheat for infinite ammo. In "Resident Evil 4", and other titles that came out for the Playstation 2 and after, there are no cheat codes to satisfy these wants, but there are unlockable weapons and skills.

With unlockable weapons and properly upgraded guns, infinite ammo in "Resident Evil 4" is very easy to come by. You just have to know where to look.

The easiest way to get infinite ammo in "Resident Evil 4", is to complete the game on "normal" difficulty. Once you have done this, the Infinite Rocket Launcher will show up in the merchant. The cost is 1,000,000 pesetas, but launching rockets indefinitely at your far away foes makes it well worth the money and effort to attain it.

The Chicago Typewriter gun is probably the best gun to have in "Resident Evil 4". It has infinite ammo, a firepower of 10.0, no reload and a fast firing rate. You won't be able to do one hit kills with this, and it doesn't look nearly as cool as the Infinite Rocket Launcher, but when all you have to do is hold down the trigger and mow down your opponents, the game gets a lot easier. To get the Chicago Typewriter, complete Operation Ada. The gun will appear in the merchant's stock.

The Chicago Typewriter costs 1,000,000 pesetas and takes up 21 spaces of inventory, but when you don't need any other guns, does it really matter?

The cheapest, but slowest, way to get infinite ammo in "Resident Evil 4" is to get and upgrade the Handcannon. To obtain this gun, you'll need to get a 5-star rating with all five characters in all four maps in the Mercenaries mini-game. Upon loading a cleared gamesave, the Handcannon will appear at the merchant's for free.

This gun is pretty useless to start with and there is very little ammo dropped for it. You probably won't even end up using it until a second play through when it's been upgraded a bit. To get every upgrade for the Handcannon, which includes six levels of firepower, three reloading time levels and seven levels of enhanced ammo capacity, you will spend 790,000 pesetas. It may be a lot of pesetas, and it may take two or three playthroughs to get, but it's a lot cheaper than the other options for infinite ammo in "Resident Evil 4".

With any of these three infinite ammo options, your experience with "Resident Evil 4" is going to be great. You can mow down your opponents, blast them sky high or watch their heads explode with a single shot.