Fluttering long eyelashes are a universal signal of health and youth. The eyelashes primarily protect our eyes from debris and particles, but they also serve a secondary purpose. Long eyelashes make our eyes look bigger and more open. This makes others feel we are more inviting and friendly. This small bit of body language can instantly make first impressions last and improve our every day social interactions.

However, not all of us are blessed with a set of long and thick eyelashes. Many of us have eyelashes that are short and practically invisible without further enhancements. The most common ways to trick others into thinking our lashes are more than they appear to be are to use mascara, eyelash curlers, and maybe even fake eyelashes. But these methods can be time consuming and a chore to maintain. Also, too much makeup and removing false eyelash adhesive can damage your lashes and rip them right out from the root! Over time, this type of abuse every day can lead to thinning and brittle eyelashes that are slow to grow back after falling out.

There is hope yet if this describes your situation. The first thing you'll want to do is to take good care of your lashes from now on. Use a water based mascara that washes off easily instead of a waterproof formula that sticks like glue. Also, try not to use fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions unless absolutely necessary on special occasions. Over time, your eyelashes should grow back on their own to their healthy natural length and thickness.

If your natural eyelashes are not thick or long, there is another way to enhance them. There are products on the market called eye lash accelerators that will make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer naturally. These eyelash growth serums contain an active prostaglandin ingredient as well as vitamins and minerals needed to enhance your eyelash growth. The results of using these eyelash stimulators can be seen in just several weeks.

Afterwards, you can cut down on the amount of product you use and just apply the lash stimulator gel once or twice a week to maintain your results. A lash conditioner like LiLash will last over half a year if you use it to maintain your results after the initial weeks. If you decide to buy Lilash online, you can save time on going to a doctor to get a prescription for Latisse. That's because LiLash is an over the counter eyelash lengthener whereas Latisse requires a physician's prescription.

You can bet that your eyelashes will look longer in just weeks. Plus eyelash growth products also encourage the regrowth of new eyelashes and coat and strengthen weak brittle eyelash hairs. But before you buy a lash accelerator treatment, be sure to read customer testimonials of various eyelash growth serums and try to find special limited time deals such as lilash coupon codes since lash lengtheners can be expensive to buy at full retail price.