You can get money now by getting a job, kidding. There are lots of options available to put some quick cash into your pocket today. I've certainly been there before, and have learned how to get money fast by doing legit things. I've never robbed banks or smashed my little brother's piggy bank, so I'll share with you some tips to get money fast.

Everyone needs a little cash stimulus every once in a while. We can't rely on the government to keep bailing us out, so we need to figure out how to do it ourselves. Getting money now involves a little bit of cunning, paired with the traditional routes of getting some cash into your wallet.

Get Money Now By Selling Stuff

I'm more than guilty of raiding my video games and CD's to cover the last few bucks of rent or to eat for the rest of the week. This binge and purge method worked great for me for many years. There's probably a lot of stuff laying around your house or apartment that you don't use anymore, or could certainly live without. Gather up all of your crap and get out on the town. Head to pawn shops, video games stores, Guitar Center, or anywhere else that you can sell your stuff to get cash now.

Trust me, you'll probably end up selling something that you'll need later, but that's part of the binge and purge and you'll get it again later.

Get Money Quick On The Internet

While you probably won't make a fortune over night on the web, you can certainly put a few bucks in your pocket (or paypal account). You could get yourself an Adsense account and sign up for Info Barrel or Hub Pages to start earning some money, it certainly isn't instant cash but it can help you gain some long-term money. There are also hundreds of survey-taking sites that allow you to take surveys and get paid for them.

If you combine the first step with this step, you get eBay. Find all of the stuff laying around your house, take pictures of it and list it on eBay. There are people that make a full-time living off of this.

Get Money Now With Loans

Payday cash advance loans are what millions of Americans turn to each month to help them get from paycheck to paycheck. All you need is a job, a bank account, and proof of who you are to get approved. If you live in a state that allows payday cash advance lenders to operate, there are probably a few in your town that are waiting for your business.

Title loans are also good way to get fast cash. In order to qualify for a title loan, you need to have a car that is totally paid off, an extra key to it, the title, and proof of who you are. Some title lenders don't require proof of employment for loans. Neither payday loans or title loans require a credit check, so if your credit sucks you can still get approved and get money now

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