What Is CastleVille Castle Points?

CastleVille by Facebook game developer Zynga you need what is called castle points to expand your growing city to new areas of the game map. To get more of these game points you need to visit the game marketplace and buy more royalty themed structures such as a barracks, maidens tower, wizard keep and more. 

You can also buy other items for your game that will help raise your levels such as a practice dummy, wall, or a new gate. As you gain more points you'll be able to expand on the game map and have room for all your video game structures.

This multiplayer video game on Facebook is still very new so in the near future there should be other options to unlock more points and raise your level. Watch for new game quests and other additions to this game to appear soon since Zynga is quite good at updating it's game content on Facebook. CastleVille is one of the best games so far from this Facebook app developer.

How To Get More Castle In Castleville Video Game

So how exactly do you get more castle points in CastleVille? Well, you get it by building what are called royalty buildings which you'll find in your marketplace. Keep checking the game for additional buildings and decorations as Zynga is sure to release more items fot its new game on Facebook. Here are the all the structures you can build so far in the video game and their corresponding castle point totals:

  • Maidens Tower - 80 
  • Barracks - 110 
  • Vault - 150 
  • Throne Room  - 190 
  • Library - 220
  • Castle Dungeon - 260 
  • Wizard's Keep  - 300 
  • Opera House - 340 
  • The Cathedral - 390 
  • Observatory  450 
  • Rubble Tower - 1
  • Rubble Wall - 1
  • Stone Gate - 2
  • Stone Wall - 2
  • Castle Wall - 2
  • Short Tower - 2
  • Sturdy Castle Gate - 3
  • Short Stone Tower - 2
  • Covered Embattlement - 3
  • Tall Stone Tower - 4

Update New Castle Buildings:

  • Royal Spa - 250 Castle Points
  • Clock Tower - 290 Castle Points
  • Conservatory -  330 Castle Points

Look for  new Castle buildings all the time as Facebook game developer Zynga releases more content for CastleVille that will help you raise your Castle points in the video game on Facebook.

Other Items For The Game

There are other game items and decorations for your CastleVille video game that help to raise your castle levels. These are perfect when you need a few more points to get that next game expansion and unlock more areas covered in gloom. While the main buildings will make up the bulk of your points purcahses these items look nice in your castle and give it a personal touch. There should be more of these additional game items soon by Facebook game developer Zynga.

  • Armor Practice Dummy - 3 
  • Small Banner - 1
  • Weapon Rack - 2
  • Archery Target - 2
  • Royal Throne - 2
  • Practice Dummy - 3
  • Armor Rack - 3
  • Cannon - 4
  • Trellis - 3
  • Sharp Guillotine -3 
  • Catapult  - 5

Level Up to Gain More Castle in the Game

CastleVille Game

You'll need to level up in the video game since this will unlock all the high-level structures. Get yourself a whole bunch of farms and just start farming for game coins. Animals are another great way to gain extra coins.  At each level you'll gain the ability to put up more houses so keep adding to the number of homes you own to get more game coins. Be sure to visit your Facebook friends playing the game each day so you can help them out and receive coins and reputation points along with other items back in return. You can build several structures of the same type to increase your castle level. So you might want extre barracks for example, in your realm.

Game Tips

CastleVille on Facebook is a great video game MMO and you should see more items and things to build from Zynga soon. Be sure to invite your friends to play the video game since this makes it easier. Construct those royalty buildings and see your castle levels grow. Watch for more updates to CastleVille from Zynga in the near future and keep working to gain castle points.