Here are some tips that I've used to get my blogs noticed, get more hits and be ranked higher in the Google search engine results. I hope it's of help and that its comprehensible to anyone reading.

  1. Don't expect a miracle: It could take months ( or dare I say years) for your audience and page views to increase to a sizeable number, so don't be discouraged if you're not getting millions of hits a day initially.
  2. Submit your blog/website to search engines: For your site to be findable to other people via the search engine they are using (ie. Google) that engine has to know your site exists. How this usually happens is that the search engines periodically send out little minions that go out and look for new and changed content on the internet. They collect all the information and then store (or index) that information within their databases. These databases are what the search engine scans through when asked a question by the public. However, there's no telling how long it'll take for the little critters to come and take a visit around your site, so to speed it all up you can invite them directly either by submit your blog/website ( or "blogsites" as i shall now refer to them) address to each search engine individually like to google here, or use a site like sitesubmiturl which will submit your blogsite to many search engines all at one time. NB This won't be necessary if your account is a blogger account because Google will submit it for you.
  3. Get Links to and from your site on other sites: How high a search engine places your site on their list depends on how many links you have pointing at it. The logic for this is the more links a site has, the more useful and important it must be ( feel free to add my site link to A simple way to get some links pointing towards your site is to post your blogsite address on your social networking account (ie on facebook or twitter) and to have it in your signature on any forums you are part of. You should also find other bloggers with similar posts/interests to you and comment on their posts while working your website link into the reply. But remember PLEASE DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE.
  4. Post often : If your site looks like a corpse on the internet highway it's not going to get people bookmarking or following as they'd be no point following a deadsite. So make sure you post periodically and if you're taking a break let the world know!
  5. Post varied posts: You never know which post is going to resonate with the internet so the likelihood is the more posts you have and the wider their subject matter the higher the chance you'll have something on your site that will be searched for.
  6. Interesting blog titles: When your blogsite appears in someone's search results it's usually the title of the post that contains the releveant information that shows up in the search results. This being the case you want to quickly and effectively gain the attention of the searchee and their cursor. Here are two ways you could do this. 1) You could have a salacious title, that is provocative and outrageous. Make the title is relevant to the subject matter though, you won't get followers by deception. Think tabloid newspaper2) You could have an informative title that does what it says on the tin. With this option there's minimal chance the searchee will leave disappointed or feeling duped and maybe they'll even subscribe for more honestly titled posts!
  7. Write about something you enjoy and write for yourself: It could be a long while before someone reaches out of the coldness of the internet and makes contact with your site, so the best way to avoid dissapointment and maintain morale is to write about something you love. In doing this writing will not be a chore and you'll be more likely to maintain constant posts until people start finding you.
  8. Pretty up the post: Meaning add pictures, videos, podcasts or other relevant decorations that will keep those pesky readers interested. Just think of the old cliche, "a picture is worth a thousand words" to understand where I'm coming from with this point.
  9. Add "Alt" text to your images: A good source of traffic could be via the images hosted on your site being searchable. To increase the chances of the image being listed and showing up in the image search results make sure you've added to the picture code what the image is. For example if you have a picture of a duck your code should read
    img src="duck.jpg" alt="duck"
  1. Be inspired (or not): When you visit blogsites take note of what you like and what you don't like about said site and then apply or omit those things to and from your own site.
Ok that's enough for this session. I'm sure there'll be many more parts to come as I carry on with my blog journey. Hope this has helped in some way!