Are you looking for tips on how to get more women to call and date you? Well look no further, as you have found the perfect article that will give you tips and advice on how to get more women. Read on to learn tips that will help you score dates and get more numbers from women in no time.

You first must have confidence in yourself and your ability to get women. You have to believe that girls want to call you and be with you. If you don't think you are worthy of having a lot of girls call you, then chances are, they won't call you. Just be confident and act as if it's totally normal for girls to call you.

Keep you appearance up at all times. You need to keep a clean hair cut, always be looking healthy and well groomed, and dress your best all the time. This will show females that you are fashionable man who knows how to take care of himself. Make it a point to workout and keep your physique in order as most women are attracted to an athletic looking physique.

You have to have good social skills. You need to know what to say to females that will have them wanting more. And the secret is, there is no secret. You just have to be yourself, and be friendly and smile. You should carry on a casual conversation with her. If the girl is interested and is single, then everything will take care of itself. Don't try to be someone you are not. Just be who you are and try to find things that she is interested in to keep her talking.

When talking to girls, take the conversation slow and get to know here first. Keep the spotlight on her and ask her questions about herself. Try to focus less on yourself until she asks. Also try to find something you have in common and talk about that. Listen to her, keep your eyes glued on her and eyes, and smile at her.

Now, when you are done talking to her, tell her you enjoyed talking to her and would like to see her again, but instead of asking for her phone number, give her your phone number, tell her your good byes, and simply walk away. This is important!!! This will put the ball in her court to make the call and take the stress off of you. This is the most important step.

Now just sit back and wait for her to call. Don't stress over her. It takes girls anywhere from two days to two weeks to call you back. Just go on with your normal life as if you never met her and talk to other girls!!! If she's interested she will call eventually. If not, there are a million other girls out there. Just keep repeating the steps above.

In conclusion, just remember the steps above along with being yourself and don't do things that are overboard and turn women off. Good Luck!