Here's my top 10 tips on I find motivation to study

and how others find their motivation to study...

10. One approach is to just go to the library with all your study material, sit down, and forget about the outside world. When you're in a good study environment like the library, you will be more motivated to study than if you were sitting in front of your laptop with music playing and the TV on. Seems obvious but how many of us try to study with a million and one things distracting us at the same time.


9. Think of your why. Why do you even want to study? What is it you want to carry out. You have to be clear about what is driving your desire to do well in school. For some, the reason why they want to study may be because they want a good job once they graduate. For others, it may be because they want their family, friends, and others to be proud of them. It's crucial to figure out what the reason is that is driving you to want to succeed. The stronger the why, the easier the how.


8. Set yourself a goal and write it down. You need both short-term goals and long-term goals if you want to succeed in your studies. Goals have to be realistic so if you haven't studied more than 20 minutes a day for the last week. Set yourself a goal to study at least 2-3 hours tonight. Don't overwhelm yourself by saying you'll study 8 hours. You can always add more hours of study once you're done if you've still got energy and motivation. You have to write your goals on paper too with a pen. If you do this simple step, it will tell your subconscious mind that this goal is very important to you and your brain will start working on making it happen.


7. Realize that if you get enough studying done, you can still have time for fun and games and you want have that feeling of guilt you get when you don't get any studying done. When I slack, I've always got school at the back of my mind gnawing at me. It distracts me. I just don't feel good unless I get some school work done every day. This is normal and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you feel the same way. That's why it's so important to make time for school work and for fun. Too much or too little of either is dangerous. You have to find the perfect balance for you.


6. Keep the end in mind, we've talked about the reasons you want to do will in school but we haven't mentioned how important it is to keep the end in mind. Whenever you feel like your motivation is waning, think of what the end result of all your hard work will be. You'll get that great job. You'll get your diploma. Your family and friends will be proud of you. You'll be proud of yourself,etc... This is sure to give you a boost in times of need.


5. Visualize and use your imagination. You need an idea of where you're headed with your life. Like we said before, you need clear goals but not just about school and grades but also for the rest of your life. Everything is interconnected. For example, you need to have big dreams of a great life for yourself... and you need a plan to get there. Often, doing well in school is an important part of getting the life of your dreams. Realize that and you're gold. Visualize yourself every day living the life of your wildest dreams and take the time to recognize that doing well in school now will help you get there faster.


4. Give yourself some rewards. First, when setting goals, set smaller goals instead of overwhelming... for example, instead of saying to yourself: I'm going to study 8 hours tonight... say I'm going to study 45 minutes and reward myself with 15 minutes doing something I enjoy a lot. Or, after 45 minutes of study, do something for yourself that is special to you. It could be eating a chocolate bar(don't eat too many though! you want to stay fit too!)... or anything really. Just use your imagination!


3. Get a study buddy! This always helps... BONUS TIP: Get a cute study buddy of the opposite sex... This one will REALLY motivate you... It works for me! Make sure you pick someone who is also smart and hard-working. Try to get one of the best students in your class to study with you. Their motivation will rub off on you and you might become as successful as they are!


2. Let the weekend motivate you. What do I mean by this? Well, if it's Monday and you have a lot of studying to do this week, the sooner you get it done, the more likely you will have the weekend off to have fun with friends and/or family. This one really helps me personally because I usually like to take weekends off to recharge and have plenty of rest and recreation time. I bet it will work for you too.


1. Study something you are actually interested in! Maybe the reason you are lacking motivation is that the things you are studying do not really interest you. If you're in college and you realize that is the case, it's never too late. Switch your major and study something that actually interests you. When you are interested in a subject, you will find yourself naturally learning more about it whether you have to for school or you don't even have to. Use this tip to your advantage. It's the most effective of all the tips and it's the reason it's at number 1!


More BONUS Tips:

1. Get the help of a tutor! This tip is sure to help even the most desperate of cases. It's very hard to slack off if you've got a professional tutor sitting right next to you. Plus, the fact that you are paying him money will motivate you to squeeze all the help you can out of him/her.


2. Just do it! This is a good tip too. All you really have to do is go to a quiet place, open your books and start reading a chapter. Just start reading that chapter and see what happens... Often, you'll become really absorbed in the material you're learning, and you'll forget all about your lack of motivation fast!


3. Greed. We're all greedy at times. It's human nature. Let this be your motivation. It's a fact that the more you learn, the more you earn. So, always keep in mind that the more time you spend studying(whether at school or even once you graduate - just learning on your own), the more money you will make. QUICK TIP: Remember this too: Knowledge is power but it can only get you places if you APPLY what you learn. Don't just learn learn learn. Take action with your knowledge. That's how you'll make money.


4. Try using schedules and calendars. This one doesn't work for me personally but I know of a lot of people who use this approach successfully. I should really start doing this myself because I am not very organized. If schedules are your thing, use them!


I hope this article was of value to you and that you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!