Even though it’s been years since you were together, that does not diminish your chances of getting back together with an ex. All you need to do are a few strategic moves to bring the spark back and make him reconsider your break up. As long as there’s life, there will always going to be second chances. So make the most out of the opportunity you’ve been given, once you meet up with an old flame, with the following tips on how to get my ex back.

The first thing you ought to do is look good. Make a good first impression if you want him to be attracted to you. You don’t have to look exactly the way you were when you were still together, although that wouldn’t hurt. You just have to make the most of what your physical nature is now and be confident with it. Wear the right clothes that would complement your body. Style your hair according to the occasion. And always look fresh and radiant with clear make up and a sincere smile. That should turn his head around, not to mention a few more men.

Next, you have to draw attention to the good memories of your time together as a couple. Highlight the vacations you shared and those fun stuff you did. Discuss how you met and fell in love. Circle around the fact that you were once crazy about each other. Remembering is one effective way to bring affection back to the surface. And while you are at this, make sure to give suggestive your ex suggestive feedbacks through your body language. It certainly help you with your intention on how to get my ex back if you flirt with him a little.

Third, you should zero in on his interests and establish a connection. That should make him compelled to invite you out for a lesson or a session, which should secure the following dates. For example, if he says he goes to surf on the weekends, emphasize how you’ve always wanted to do that but just never got the time before. Of course, if you really want to make things work, you should sincerely go through with the deed and try to love as much as he does. That way, you could rebuild rapport and make it easier to realize new found fondness for each other.

Once you’ve gone through these first three steps, the rest should be easy.