Nearly every woman has been involved in an intense relationship in her life. But just when everything seems perfect your boyfriend wants his space so you break up.

There may be several reasons why he suddenly feels he needs his space. He may be experiencing family difficulties, uncertainties, or fears of obligation.

To answer the timeless question regarding "how to get my ex back", here are several suggestions if your former boyfriend wants more space.

- Clearly you still love him, so do not let him get the most of you. You will lose your pride if you do. Playing a little hard to get in the beginning may be perfect. He will then begin to realize what he has lost.

- Striking up a conversation is appropriate if you are certain that the love he had for you is still strong. To minimize the drama, keep the conversation short and pleasant.

Keep in mind that he may really want and need this time apart. So brief calls, short online chats and texting are very good ways for him to remember he wants to remain important in your life but will not feel bombarded with your company.

- If everything goes well, in the end he will start to express his feelings. Then you will have the opportunity to reminisce together.

Remember, your main objective is to concentrate on the happy memories you experienced in your relationship. While you and your ex boyfriend are heating things back up, remember to avoid the negativity you experienced as this could bring to mind some hurtful feelings and ruin your hard work.

- If your gradual, subtle suggestions do not encourage a response from your boyfriend just accept things for what they are. He really needs the time apart or he is just no longer interested in having a relationship with you.

Either way you have to accept the situation. But if he begins to slowly warm up and shows an increased interest in you, just continue being subtle with the suggestions as you work on rekindling the relationship.

-You can attempt to have an open heart with him only if he is communicating the right signals to you. Do not appear to be needy and hopeless while expressing your feelings to him.

Being open with him is positive if expresses his consideration to get back together. Allowing things to occur naturally is wise if he shows signs of the situation heading in the opposite direction.

Though these are not the ideas I had originally, I initially followed them after breaking up with the love of my life. Just by beginning these steps you can start to win back your ex boyfriend. When I did not have a clue on how to get my ex back, I went to T 'Dub' Jackson.

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