All of us have been there: you're doing your nails and then, wham! you get nail polish on your white, beige, or bright colored carpet. You have to act quickly but what should you do? Read more to find out how to get nail polish out of carpet quickly and effectively. 

What To Do To Get Nail Polish Out Of Carpet: Options 

Nail Polish SpillCredit: posterizeUsing A Little Bit Of Everything  

1. Begin by pouring hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. 

2. Scrub and dab with a paper towel, cotton ball, or rag. You can also use a toothbrush or rough dish sponge to scrub the fibers of the carpet closer. Make sure to blot and do not push the stain into the carpet. 

3. Apply baking soda and water directly onto the stain. 

4. Scrub as directed above. 

5. If the stain isn't lifting out of the carpet grab a carpet/general stain remover. Before pouring the stain remover onto the nail polish stain use the product on a part of your carpet that is hidden such as in a closet or in a place that you won't see it if it strips the color. If the "test" area works well proceed to use it on the nail polish stain. 

6. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! 

7. If none of the above work or you aren't achieving your desired results use non-acetone nail polish remover on the stain. Before applying it make sure to do a "test" area on another hidden area of carpet to make sure it doesn't make the stain worse. 

*Suggested by Tim Gibson 

Using Glass Cleaner 

1. Apply glass cleaner such as windex directly onto the stain.

2. Apply some hot water and scrub. 

Many people swear that this method works best to get nail polish out of carpet. 

Using Rubbing Alcohol and Hair Spray 

1. Apply rubbing alcohol and hairspray onto the nail polish stain.

2. Let it set for about 30 seconds.

3. Scrub the stain with a pumice stone or toothbrush.

          Using Environmentally Friendly Products 

Hate the idea of using strong chemicals in your home? Many people have suggested the following work when trying to get nail polish out of carpet. 

  • Vinegar
  • The Green Version of Glass Cleaner 
  • Revive by Ecosense 

Nail Polish(78104)Credit: graur razvan ionutHow To Get Nail Polish Out Of Carpet If It's Dried

1. Spray the nail polish stain with water. 

2. Use a plastic knife to scrape the nail polish out of the carpet.

3. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain with a cotton ball and let sit thirty minutes. 

4. Continue to apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball every thirty minutes until the stain is removed. 

* Suggested by Howcast

After much research I was surprised that there were so many different ways to get nail polish out of carpet. Different approaches work for different people. Make sure to work immediately on a nail polish stain and when in doubt scrub. On average you can expect to scrub at a nail polish stain for fifteen to thirty minutes. Keep going and you will see improvement. I hope these tips help remove that ugly nail polish out of carpet!